18 retailers account for 33% jewellery demand

Consolidation of jewellery sales in favour of a few large retailers got accelerated after demonetisation. Top 18 jewellers in the country now account for one-third of jewellery demand in the country, finds GFMS.

The consolidation of sales in the industry started a few years back when some retailers got organised and started expanding their presence to become regional and national chains. The top retailers also used hallmarking and sale of assayed jewellery to differentiate themselves in the market.

India moves to stub out tobacco industry rights

The Indian government is pushing the Su­preme Co­u­rt to apply a ra­rely used doctrine that would strip the $11 billion tobacco industry’s legal right to trade, an effort aimed at deterring tobacco companies from challenging tough new regulations. New Delhi has for the first time asked the top court to classify tobacco as “res extra commercium”, a Latin phrase meaning “outside co­mmerce,” according to a review of previously unreported court filing by the health ministry on January 8.

ATM makers warn of ‘jackpotting’

Diebold Nixdorf Inc and NCR Corp, two of the world’s largest ATM makers, have warned that cyber criminals are targeting US cash machines with tools that force them to spit out cash in hacking schemes known as “jackpotting.” The two ATM makers did not identify any victims or say how much money had been lost. Jackpotting has been rising worldwide in recent years, though it is unclear how much cash has been stolen because victims and police often do not disclose details.

Delivery set to segment online grocery market

Online grocery chains are segmenting the market in terms of delivery, especially when they compete with each other in same cities. While Grofers has exited ‘express delivery,’ BigBasket plans to take the share of this delivery higher.

Why Twitter let Noto walk away

Twitter Inc’s executives gathered from around the world this week at its offices in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood to discuss the state of the company, goals for the year, and management’s broader ambitions. The twice-yearly meeting is usually a chance for Twitter’s leaders to re-commit themselves and air any concerns to their hundred or so peers.

Plug wars: The battle for electric car supremacy

German carmakers hope a network of high-power charging stations they are rolling out with Ford will set an industry standard for plugs and protocols that will give them an edge over electric car rivals.

At the moment, Tesla and carmakers in Japan and Germany use different plugs and communication protocols to link batteries to chargers, but firms building the charging networks needed for electric vehicles to become mainstream say the number of plug formats will need to be limited to keep costs down.

Apple hits major roadblocks in manufacturing, retail

Apple, the $229 billion Fortune 3 corporation, has hit serious roadblocks in India.

Apart from the sale of approximately 2 million i-Phones in India, a small manufacturing set-up near Bangalore and development of Apple maps out of Hyderabad, the company has made no headway in its multiple and ambitious plans in India.

Apple CEO Tim Cook first visited India over 20 months ago in May 2016 and met with prime minister Narendra Modi to outline Apple’s ambitious plans for India. He even travelled to Kanpur to watch an IPL match in peak heat.