Home stay option catching up with corporates

With disruptions in the economy hitting businesses, companies have started exploring cheaper options of overseas corporate stay. They are enquiring about home stay options for employees for longer stay. The industry is confident that by next year home stay bookings will catch up with India Inc.

Artificial Intelligence to help create 2m jobs by 2025

Fears about Artificial Intelligence making millions jobless are unfounded, finds Gartner. By 2025, AI will create two million net new jobs. In the process, it may take away several repetitive jobs from humans and create for them new positions that need higher levels of skills and management capabilities.

DeepMind has simple tests that might prevent Musk’s AI apocalypse

You don’t have to agree with Elon Musk’s apocalyptic fears of artificial intelligence to be concerned that, in the rush to apply the technology in the real world, some algorithms could inadvertently cause harm.

This type of self-learning software powers Uber’s self-driving cars, helps Facebook identify people in social-media posts, and let’s Amazon’s Alexa understand your questions. Now DeepMind, the London-based AI company owned by Alphabet Inc., has developed a simple test to check if these new algorithms are safe.

Not a flight of fancy, yet...

Prime minister Narendra Modi's seaplane ride from Sabarmati has flown into a thick cloud of controversy with the opposition alleging violation of norms. The BJP's claim of it being the first ever amphibious flight in the country is being questioned and aviation experts expressed disbelief as the mandatory norm of flying a VVIP only in a safer twin-engine aircraft was tossed out of the window.

Digital NE scheme for jobs

The government is set to unveil the ‘Digital North East 2022’ plan in the next budget with an allocation of about Rs 3,700 crore in the first year with an aim to create employment opportunities for the region’s youth in the electronics and ICT sectors.After several rounds of inter-ministerial discussions, a blue print has been prepared to fund the programme in a mission mode, a government official said.

Car companies Want Silicon Valley’s Tech Without Patent Wars

As automakers turn their vehicles into app-laden computers on wheels, the­re’s one habit they don’t want to acquire from Silicon Valley: fighting over patents in court. Manufacturers are trying to learn from the smartphone wars, which cost technology companies hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees, as they prepare to revolutionise their vehicles.

“No sane automaker wants to repeat these wars, where the lawyers were the only winners,” said William Coughlin, chief executive officer of Ford Global Technologies, Ford’s intellectual property arm.

Demand for AI talent intensifies

Actors in robot costumes stood in the lobby of the Westin hotel in Long Beach, California on Sunday night, “Intel Inside” stickers displayed on their foam torsos. 

This was one of many attempts by Intel Corp. and other giant corporations to curry favour with artificial-intelligence researchers attending one of the world’s biggest AI conferences, turning what was once an academic event into a recruiting frenzy more akin to the National Football League’s draft day.

Big tech faces onslaught from all sides

Shakespeare said “It is excellent to have a giant’s strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.”

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and other technology juggernauts are in the fight of their lives over accusations they failed to heed the Bard’s warning. A backlash is building that threatens to tie the companies’ hands in powerful ways.

More and more Indians now queuing up for EB-5 visa

It’s Uncle Sam calling for many rich individuals in India. The number of rich Indians who are exploring the EB-5 visa route to relocate to the US for business expansion, career prosperity or for their children’s better education is on the rise.