Like it or not Goggle tracks your movements Associated Press

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.

An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you've used privacy settings that say they will prevent it from doing so.

Computer-science researchers at Princeton confirmed these findings at the AP’s request.

Tirumala temple hundi collection falls to Rs 73 lakh

The ongoing six-day vedic ceremony at the famous hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara has affected daily collections at the sacred 'hundi,' which hit a record low of Rs 73 lakh against Rs 3 crore today, a temple official said.

The temple hundi attracts cash offerings to the tune of Rs 3 crore or more besides gold and other offerings on a daily basis, the official said adding the income registered a dip due to restrictions on entry of devotees into the shrine on account of 'Astabandhana Balalaya Maha Samprokshanam' ritual.

NASA launches first mission to 'touch Sun'

NASA on Sunday blasted off its first-ever spaceship to explore the Sun, the $1.5 billion Parker Solar Probe, on a strategic mission to protect the Earth by unveiling the mysteries of dangerous solar storms.

The launch of the car-sized probe aboard a massive Delta IV-Heavy rocket lit the night sky at Cape Canaveral, Florida at 3:31 AM (0731 GMT).

The unmanned spacecraft's mission is to get closer than any human-made object ever to the center of our solar system, plunging into the Sun's atmosphere, known as the corona, during a seven-year mission.

Why diesel cars are spoiling the summer

Europeans aren’t just sweating through the long, hot summer. City dwellers may be coughing and wheezing more, too.

Diesel vehicles, which still command nearly half the market for new cars, are left with barely any pollution controls when temperatures soar above 35° Celsius (95° Fahrenheit), according to France’s Petroleum and New Energies Research Institute. That means smog-inducing nitrogen oxide emissions that were at the centre of the Volkswagen AG scandal spew into the environment unchecked.

IPL brand value grows 19% to $6.3 billion in 2018

The overall value of the IPL ecosystem grew 18.8 per cent to $6.3 billion from $5.3 billion in 2017, mostly due to the surge in the broadcasting rights fee. The Mumbai Indians, with a brand value of $113 million, continues to top the charts for the third season in a row. Star India, the new broadcasting partner for the Indian Premier League (IPL), increased the broadcast rights fee by 18.9 per cent. Under Star, content delivery expanded to its various regional channels with commentary in eight different languages.

India Post Payments Bank to offer financial products through third party tie-ups

To offer loans, mutual funds and insurance policies to its customers, the upcoming India Post Payments Bank plans to partner with banks and other financial companies.

“India Post Payments Bank will offer loans, mutual funds and insurance through third party tie-ups. It will sell some of Punjab National Bank products, including loans. It has partnered Bajaj Allianz for insurance and will be looking for more partners,” official sources told reporters on Wednesday.

What’s a Space Force, and can Trump really start one?

Satellites make much of modern warfare possible, through GPS systems, wireless communications and sophisticated weather forecasting. This makes satellites tempting military targets. The US Air Force is now responsible for defending American satellites and spacecraft and wants to continue to do so. But President Donald Trump says the perils require a new military branch, which has come to be known as the Space Force. Critics say this would just add bureaucracy and costs. Supporters say a new military branch is needed to prioritise US defenses for the next battlefront.

Online furniture market to triple to $3 billion by 2020

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA had announced its plans to enter the Indian market in 2012 and its first store is being launched in Hyderabad on Thursday. IKEA may have taken six years to open its first store in the country, but in these years online furniture retail has grown from zero to $1 billion category and is expected to triple to $3 billion by 2020.

Grief pours in as Rajan Nanda cremated

Escorts Group chairman Rajan Nanda (76) passed away at a hospital in Gurgaon on Sunday night. He is survived by his wife Ritu Nanda — eldest daughter of late Bollywood icon Raj Kapoor — and two children, Nikhil and Natasha. Nikhil Nanda is married to Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s daughter Shweta Bachchan Nanda and currently holds the position of managing director at Escorts Limited.

Nanda, who joined Escorts in 1965 at the age of 23 and took over the reins of the company when his father and founder chairman HP Nanda stepped down in 1994 after a

Soon your washing machine will follow orders, give ideas

Your home appliances are going to be smarter than you. Washing machine will hear your instructions and follow them accordingly. Further, the machine may also seek your permission to follow the instructions that you usually give it and further provide some intelligent suggestions as to what clothes should not be washed together.