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Koreas dismantle propaganda loudspeakers at tense border

The rival Koreas dismantled huge Cold War-era loudspeakers used to blare propaganda across their tense border on Tuesday, as South Korea’s president asked the United Nations to observe the North's planned closing of its nuclear test site.

The dismantling of dozens of loudspeakers was in line with an agreement on reconciliation by the leaders of the Koreas at their historic summit last Friday. It is still unclear if such measures can bring permanent peace because no major breakthrough in the North Korean nuclear standoff was produced at the summit.

May names new minister to try to end immigration scandal

British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed a former banker of South Asian origin as interior minister on Monday, trying to draw a line under an immigration scandal threatening her authority as she negotiates Brexit. Sajid Javid, the son of immigrants from

Pakistan, replaces Amber Rudd, who quit as Home Secretary after acknowledging she had “inadvertently misled” parliament by denying the government had targets for the number of illegal migrants Britain deports.

Biofuels to pave way for reducing India’s carbon footprint

With climate cha­n­ge and escalated pollution levels being amongst the most pressing problems for India dom­e­stically, the country has ta­ken significant strides by ta­pping into its renewable energy sources and technology to cut its carbon footpr­int. Over the last few yea­rs, the nation has witnessed a tectonic shift in its transpo­rt sector with the introd­u­ction of bio-fuels like et­h­a­n­ol that are indigenous, non-polluting and renewable.

Why India fuel prices are sky-high when oil isn’t

With risi­ng cru­de pri­c­es still at half th­e­ir record high, drivers in much of the world are still enjoying pain-free visits to the pump. That is not the case in India, wh­e­re diesel, the most used fuel, is more expensive than ever before, and gasoline pr­i­­ces also are hovering aro­und record levels in several cities. India lifted controls on diesel pricing 4 years ago, after freeing gasoline rates first. But with the Lok Sabha elections next year and se­veral state polls in the co­m­ing months, the government is feeling the pressure to restore a lid on fuel prices.

KoreaN summit site full of diplomatic, military history

The “peace village” of Panmunjom, with its cluster of distinctive bright blue buildings and chequered history of defections, tension and murder, is an apt choice for the first inter-Korean summit in more than a decade.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will greet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday not far from the building where the armistice that halted the Korean War was signed in 1953, before talks begin in a nearby hall.

Motive elusive after van driver kills 10 on Toronto sidewalk

Police in Canada’s biggest city were piecing together witness accounts and surveillance video on Tuesday to determine why a driver plowed a rented van along a crowded sidewalk, killing 10 people and injuring 15 in what many said seemed a deliberate attack.

A 25-year-old suspect was quickly captured in a tense but brief confrontation with officers a few blocks away from where his van jumped the sidewalk on Monday and continued for a mile, leaving people bloodied and dead in his wake.

Rs. 15 lakh in each bank account ‘poll promise’ not ‘information’: PMO

A query on when the Rs 15 lakh promised by prime minister Na­rendra Modi during his 2014 poll campaign wo­uld be transferred to people’s bank accounts, does not come under the definition of “information” under the RTI Act and so cannot be answered, the PMO has told the Central Information Commission (CIC).

Singapore PM’s job: Once decided over cake and coffee, now mulled over for months

Singaporeans are not used to uncertainty when it comes to their future leaders.

Only one party has ruled the island-state since its independence more than 50 years ago, and there have been only three prime ministers. When founding father Lee Kuan Yew handed over the reins to cabinet colleague Goh Chok Tong, who in turn gave way to Lee’s son and current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the changes were fixed long in advance.