With world-class technical education, Indian youth are scaling new heights
Trump or no Trump, budding Indian technology talent is bound to find suitors globally. From taxi aggregator Uber Technologies to Google, top notch US companies have not shied away from offering lucrative placements to raw Indian talent that they propose to hone. At a time when Donald Trump in US and Theresa May in UK have virtually vetoed Indian talent by putting up both tariff and non-tariff based visa barriers, Indian techies have kept the tri-colour flying high in the most adverse of market conditions.
Never mind the Trump–May diatribe against Indian talent and students, there’s nothing in the world that can stop hardworking youngsters from getting their due. He or she could be from Honduras, Ghana or India, getting the right opportunity and recognition is what matters. Presidents and prime ministers come and go. But, a world order respecting talent cannot change overnight for worse. Uber’s offer of Rs 1.25 crore pay packet to Siddharth, a student from computer engineering at Delhi Technological University (DTU) demonstrates that skin colour or origin is really of no consequence. His on-the-spot problem solving skills, computing mind and ability to tackle ‘crisis kind of situations’ got him the offer from Uber as software engineer at the company’s San Francisco office in US.
It is not a one-off case. Another techie from IIT Chennai who passed out with a MTech degree secured a similar pay packet and job profile from Uber last year. In 2015, Google cornered yet another DTU student from Delhi with Rs 1.27 crore package and a huge opportunity. Days of bulging pay packets may not be over yet. The son of a welder from Bihar, an IIT Kharagpur student landed a Rs two crore plus job with Microsoft a few months back. It has been raining offers for IIT and IISC students from Adobe, Facebook and Oracle in the US. Even last year, demand for ‘made in India’ IITians and techies from premier Indian technology institutes made their way to Fortune 500 companies. Over 350 students from IIT New Delhi alone made it to top global companies with huge pay packets. But, can President Trump deny ‘trump’ moments for Indian techies that add huge value and heft to US enterprises as well? From Sundar Pichai to Satya Nadella there are a number of cases who have made it big on the global scene thanks to their intellect, sheer hard work and opportunities provided in US.
With at least a dozen more IITs, institutes of technological excellence and spread of world-class technical education, Indian youth have all the potential to scale new heights. On global standards, what brilliant Indian IT professionals are paid may be about one-fourth of their counterparts in say Western Europe. Doesn’t matter. Indian youngsters are on a roll!