Susan Visvanathan
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Return of the Jedi

The Congress with it’s pleasant face, over the decades, always assured roti, kapda and makaan.

Cancer is bad karma, eh?

Green movement activists are always puzzled, when wars are waged and gods are invoked simultaneously.

How Do We Empower?

Many of the questions that women raise about the safety at the work place is defined in parameters that are legally endorsed.

The decaying nilgiris

Tourists, particularly honeymooners, come to Coonoor from all parts of the country. The Sims Garden is laid out in such a way that it has all the appearances of miniaturisation.

An exemplary life

Swapna James is an award winning farmer from a village 20 km from Palakkad town.

Coexistence As virtue

Coexistence is the greatest value that we have developed as human beings.

Rumour. gossip. death

Certain parts of  India are  occasionally subject to the circulation of rumours. These are often vindictive and violent, resulting in death or mutilation.

What is poverty?

Very often, we wonder, sitting in the quiet of our homes, while the TV blares intermittently, how people out in the streets start turning violent.

With a licence to kill A mob collects. It points, it blames, and then it kills.
Ideologies are myopic While multinationals have stabilised in India, and recruitment portals are replete with the statistics of employment, we have to look at the various spaces people occupy mentally, while serving the na