Susan Visvanathan
My Stories
Rumour. gossip. death

Certain parts of  India are  occasionally subject to the circulation of rumours. These are often vindictive and violent, resulting in death or mutilation.

What is poverty?

Very often, we wonder, sitting in the quiet of our homes, while the TV blares intermittently, how people out in the streets start turning violent.

With a licence to kill A mob collects. It points, it blames, and then it kills.
Ideologies are myopic While multinationals have stabilised in India, and recruitment portals are replete with the statistics of employment, we have to look at the various spaces people occupy mentally, while serving the na
Landed in trouble The British always required get away places. Shimla is the best known example as it was known as the summer capital.
Every drop counts Climate change brings about dramatic catastrophes. One of our problems is, of course, to be alert to the facts of history. The dinosaurs were killed by a meteor strike, or by their own avarciousness.
What cambodia wants to hide MP Joseph in his book My Driver Tulong, (Partridge India, 2017) describes the contemporary situation of Cambodians, in the 21st century, who were simultaneously victims and perpetuators of one of
Women of today The idea that the metropolis defines behaviour and expectations is a sociological fact. People come to the cities for work and over two or three generations, they see it as their home.
Jeeva’s son, Muthu Muthu Krishnan came to the city with one thought in mind. To become an intellectual.
What is a nation? What is a nation, but it’s people? The Constitution is representative of the rights of citizens.