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Susan Visvanathan
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  • May 04 2017, 2257

    Climate change brings about dramatic catastrophes. One of our problems is of course to be alert to the facts of history

  • Apr 18 2017, 2230

    MP Joseph in his book My Driver Tulong, (Partridge India, 2017) describes the contemporary situation of Cambodians, in the 21st century, who were simultaneously victims and

  • Apr 05 2017, 2217

    The idea that the metropolis defines behaviour and expectations is a sociological fact. People come to the cities for work and over two or three generations they see

  • Mar 16 2017, 2244

    Muthu Krishnan came to the city with one thought in mind. To become an intellectual

  • Mar 06 2017, 0012

    What is a nation but it’s people? The Constitution is representative of the rights of citizens. We become its upholders when we are able to define our rights

  • Feb 22 2017, 2312

    Reservation is a word that some administrators and intellectuals find problematic. This is in its own way against the tide for socially inclusive learning and companionship in an

  • Feb 03 2017, 0111

    Industrialisation brings with it its own squalor and yet, the desires of the modern world are such that we increasingly want faster cars, faster aeroplanes, newer computers and smarter

  • Jan 04 2017, 2303

    The biennale in Kochi Kerala in it’s third viewing now is an explosion of multiple realities. It defines globalisation in newer and newer ways

  • Dec 26 2016, 2333

    Sophocles was a Greek general who wrote the play Antigone around 440 BC. Creon is Antigone’s mother’s brother and his son Haemon is

  • Dec 15 2016, 2303

    Malthusian economics, as we know well from the works of Charles Dickens, was essentially posed to get rid of the poor and usher in the industrial revolution. Today, we