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  • Sep 23 2016, 1950

    The Lady from Sha­nghai, a 1947 Orson Welles film received an erratic critical response when it first opened but today it is considered one of the finest sculpted gems of film noir cinema.

  • Sep 16 2016, 2233

    FILM: Vertigo
    LANGUAGE: English
    YEAR: 1958
    DIRECTOR: Alfred Hitchcock

    The great Alfred Hitchcock is arguably the most influential filmmaker to come out from Hollywood. David Selznick, the well-known producer who brought Hitchcock

  • Sep 09 2016, 2206

    The new wave Ger­man cinema with its mighty generals like Wim Winders and Reiner Werner Fassbinder had a maverick for company, an eccentric genius, Werner Herzog.

  • Sep 02 2016, 2117

    FILM: Mon Uncle
    YEAR: 1958
    LANGUAGE: French
    Director: Jacque Tati

    When cinephiles, critics and the world audience look up at French cinema with awe they cover the entire gamut of French new wave and

  • Aug 26 2016, 2147

    FILM: Mystic River
    LANGUAGE: English
    YEAR: 2003
    DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood

    When our own Hindi film industry served a Drishyam last year it rec­eived a lukewarm response. The critics here were of the