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Sandeep Bamzai
New Delhi
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  • Mar 21 2017, 2255

    Push the enemy into an unreal world one where he believes what he is being fed and told. At a time when chaos and bedlam are consuming the

  • Mar 17 2017, 2217

    The continuing media coverage of the just concluded Uttar Pradesh polls quickly degenerated into a farcical urban legend, for every phase saw a new spin being given to what was

  • Mar 10 2017, 2327

    There is a new game face in town. It is said revenge brings anger as added pressure results in cussedness and assertiveness, which creates disruptive behavior and face offs.

  • Mar 08 2017, 0025

    A new trend seems to have emerged these days, I was appalled to be asked whether I am a sickular, bhakt, aaptard or libtard recently. Conversely, Infosys CEO Vishal

  • Mar 03 2017, 2227

    Appropriation of power is always dangerous for it frees up one's ugly side. For instance it turns taxmen into alpha males bristling with faux energy