Kriti Jain
Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Research Fellow
IE Business School, Spain
My Stories
RISKFACTOR: Keep it simple

If you haven’t made a New Year resolution yet, let me propose one. Let’s keep things simple.

RISKFACTOR: just ask

The world around us needs to undergo radical changes from time to time. Why? As a society, we get extremely comfortable — and rather quickly so — with the status quo.

RISKFACTOR: Decoding Ethics

We run on auto-pilots. The pressures of a hyper-competitive fast-paced world don’t allow us time to pause and reflect. As such our intuitive, habitual, first-instincts behaviours take over.


The word ‘stress’ has reached importance of significant proportions in our society.

RISKFACTOR: You’ve got headache

Suppose you got back home after a hard day of work in office and just when you were heading off to sleep, you received an email from your team member at 11 pm informing everyone about his work upda

RISKFACTOR: Make it easy

What do you do with all the waste produced in your homes and offices? Most likely, you just throw it as garbage. Waste generation is posing major environmental challenges for governments.

RISKFACTOR: Beyond Borders

Diwali season is here. In Madrid, where I live, the Indian embassy had put together a Diwali Mela.

RISKFACTOR: Tell a story sell a product

The days of just providing products and services seem to be over now. The era of customer experience is here. Customers no longer just expect a great product but an exceptional journey throughout.


We all feel the need of having someone to reach out to for advice at some point or the other in our lives —whether it is to decide what career paths to take, to deal with personal life issues, or s

RISKFACTOR: Why mental fitness matters

I frequently hear complaints of stress from toxic environments at the workplace. There is too much aggression and rivalry. Burn-out have become frequent.