Kriti Jain
Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Research Fellow
IE Business School, Spain
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RISKFACTOR: Rethink That Drink

An American lady recently narrated this to me, “I thought there was something wrong with me because I struggled with drinking.


Governments around the world have always tried to change citizens’ behaviours on a number of fronts: eat healthy, exercise more, save more, be more energy efficient, and so on.


Have you sometimes noticed yourself or others around feeling dull with their mundane and banal life, especially when there isn’t anything meaningful to do?

RISKFACTOR: So, what’s your time?

Have you come across people who feel like super-humans — these people have excellent careers, continue to lead and motivate a huge workforce, are constantly bringing up new ideas, have time for bei

RISKFACTOR: Juggle that role Do you feel bored or stagnated in your job? Or is the case that you always wanted to do something else but haven’t been able to make the move?
RISKFACTOR: Life is a lesson What would you do if you wanted to learn about design thinking? Or Python programming? Or Big Data?
RISKFACTOR: I n f o x i c a t e d ? What is the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning? I bet it is to check your phone.
RISKFACTOR: Speak easy I recently visited Barcelona which is a mere three hours train ride from Madrid where I live.
RISKFACTOR: Feel free to fail Continuous learning is the hallmark of growth and development and our own experiences is one treasure that we can tap on for this learning process.
RISKFACTOR: YOU’RE FIRED Losing one’s job is always stressful.