Kriti Jain

Kriti Jain
Assistant Professor & Marie Curie Research Fellow
IE Business School, Spain
My Stories
  • Apr 28 2017, 2339

    Who do we believe in as experts — does it have to do with what people wear? What information do we consider more important — does the order in which

  • Apr 21 2017, 2324

    Let’s do this exercise first. Take a paper and tear it into several small pieces

  • Apr 14 2017, 2243

    Have you noticed people complain about things like crazy schedules, always racing against time, exhausted, in need of vacation? Be it on social media or in-person conversations, being too busy

  • Apr 07 2017, 2301

    How do we deal with failures? A lot of it depends on our mindset. The concept of mindset and its influence on how people think act and

  • Apr 01 2017, 1634

    Romantic love is always an engaging topic and especially so when it comes to the workplace context. Dating a coworker is an exciting yet a risky idea