Gautam Datt

Gautam Datt
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New Delhi
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  • Mar 23 2017, 0002

    The big push to prime minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Swachh Bharat mission or Clean India campaign, has come from the most usual of suspects, public sector undertakings (PSUs).

  • Mar 22 2017, 0051

    The high-voltage assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur is over but the dance of democracy will continue to enthral in the coming months leading up to

  • Mar 21 2017, 2309

    The Supreme Court on Monday pitched for fresh attempts to seek a negotiated settlement to resolve the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid dispute, which is a “sensitive” and “sentimental matter”.

  • Mar 21 2017, 0059

    By appointing Yogi Aditya-nath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, prime minister Narendra Modi and his Man Friday Amit Shah might have raised many eyebrows, but the decision to have

  • Mar 17 2017, 2347

    There is a good reason why former Soviet Union and now Russia, remains even today India’s staunchest defence ally. In the days when India was the pariah as far as the global arms industry was concerned, thanks to her robust ‘anti-Americanism’, it was the Soviets and their vast arms arsenal, which came to India’s rescue.