Business without angel

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Dreaming big is what got Asheesh Mehra to move away from the big boys of the corporate world and build something of his own ground up. So, lo and behold Antworks, a business process outsourcing (BPO) and technology firm was born. Interestingly, Mehra names his company from his fascination with the characteristics of ants — their ability to shoulder weights 10 times their size, their dedication and single-mindedness as well as their collective ability to build highly effective ecosystems.
An outsourcing veteran with over 18 years of cr­oss-industry global experience, Mehra co-founded Antworks in 2015, headquartered out of Singapore. A strong believer in ability over experience, Asheesh has fostered a smart working culture unlike the desk-shackled approach the technology sector is known for. At Antworks, he wants to play the role of a facilitator by bringing out the best in his team. In June 2015, he opened his first delivery centre in Pune with an investment of Rs 10 crore. And the ambitious entrepreneur plans to open two more delivery centres each in India and abroad next year.
“At present, our Pune development centre employs 120 software engineers,” Mehra, chief executive at Antworks told me with a look of satisfaction that his dream was finally taking firm shape. The development centre from the present 200 seat capacity would also be augmented to 500 over the next 18-24 months with the flow of new
businesses. The company has already roped in its first client from the UK to provide financial services for a $4 million deal for three years. The startup businessman raised $8 million seed capital from his own savings, from cofounder Govind Sandhu and a few investor friends, and deliberately staying away from angel investors. The company is primarily focusing on providing solutions to the healthcare and financial sectors through two delivery models such as BPaas (business process as a service) and TaaS (technology as a service).

Michael Gonsalves