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Ruminations: Conflict over history and tradition

Over a quarter century ag­o, a trip to Bikaner revealed that it was famous fo­r its rasgullas, neither Ro­­sogolla, as the Bengalis would have it, nor Rasogola as in Odisha. It was just Rasgulla.

Newsmaker: Judge as crusader

The lines merge between his role as head of the National Green Tribunal disposing of cases and being an environmental evangelist, directing governments on policy issues.

Ruminations: The big test

Rahul Gandhi’s much speculated elevation as Congress party president after Diwali is yet to materialise, but the pressure is all on him to deliver in Gujarat.

Newsmaker: Return of the economist

In his very own retiring sort of way, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s career has mimicked the volatility of the bourses, but with the expanse of years in between the peaks and troughs.

Ruminations: Legitimate aspirations

The crux of the tussle between the elected government in Delhi and the Union government through the Lieutenant Governor over who has the primacy in administrative matters is, at the end of the day,

Ruminations: Beating anti-incumbency

As even the Congress would concede, Narendra Modi is going to be the reference point in Gujarat assembly elections 2017 – in much the same way that he was in the 2014 general elections, and in ever

Ruminations: Time for introspection

The recent Supreme Court order regarding the ban on cracker sale in Delhi drew protests on the curbs it put on bursting crackers on Diwali — the court later said that the order covered no such acti

Ruminations: Respecting the opposite view

Liberal views have a complicated relationship with essential Indianness.

Ruminations: Creating a new narrative

In Jawaharlal Nehru’s lifetime, when it had seemed that he was irreplaceable as prime minister, one question that often cropped up was ‘After Nehru who?’ Since his death on May 27, 1964, the questi

Ruminations: A matter of Hindu pride

Yogi Aditya- nath’s growing focus on Ayodhya has been on anticipated lines.