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Ananda Majumdar
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  • May 27 2017, 0050

    Competitive caste politics has taken over in Saharanpur following the May 5 clash between Thakurs and Dalits at a Thakur-dominated village. It endorses the position that polarisation of any

  • May 24 2017, 2233

    For perhaps the most voluble antagonist of Narendra Modi at one time, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar seems to be running out of options on the relationship with his alliance

  • May 19 2017, 2259

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a bit like a method actor whose immaculately practised moves look spontaneous. Details emerging since he came to power reveal the depth of preparation

  • May 19 2017, 2233

    The period between 1952 and 57, which represented the height of the Nehru era, and Narendra Modi’s first term as prime minister, have an uncanny resemblance. Both periods have

  • May 12 2017, 2217

    Nicolas Sarkozy’s marriage to Carla Bruni triggered an obsession with French presidential consorts and the private life of the first couple that shows no sign of abating. It was

  • May 12 2017, 2057

    In September 1991, when lower court lawyers in Delhi entered the Delhi High Court premises and proceeded to abuse judges in full public view and disrupted work, the expectation from

  • May 09 2017, 2305

    In his tweet on Rabindranath Tagore’s birth anniversary, May 9, prime minister Narendra Modi said, “Gurudev Tagore will always be remembered for his powerful thoughts and contribution to the freedom

  • May 05 2017, 2317

    There was a sense of hope in waiting for the next move from political parties that had been routed in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. The 2014 Lok Sabha

  • May 05 2017, 2300

    The name of the game is ‘ideas'. If Silicon Valley tech icons took the game away from smokestack heavyweights and taught people how a successful business could be run

  • Apr 28 2017, 2358

    Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has denied it, but it is in a way surprising that a Niti Aayog member should have spoken of taxing agricultural income during the centenary year