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Ananda Majumdar
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New Delhi
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  • Feb 17 2017, 2345

    Every drop counts. That is turning out to be the message from the Uttar Pradesh elections

  • Feb 17 2017, 2315

    A Murthyism that became famous at Infosys when N. R

  • Feb 11 2017, 0016

    About six months ago, a senior police officer in Uttar Pradesh said at a private gathering that Uttar Pradesh would have a hung assembly following this year's elections. The

  • Feb 11 2017, 0003

    Sasikala Natarajan, waiting to be sworn-in as chief minister of Tamil Nadu, has been in preparation for this moment for years. There are three impediments, right now, to a

  • Feb 07 2017, 2245

    The Modi wave of 2014 was a crystallisation of hope politics, even though Modi himself represents traditional power politics as a member of a national political party. He symbolised