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Ruminations: The hermit and state power

A bit like elderly couples who begin to resemble each other after years of marriage, political parties in government, regardless of their original programmes and ideological persuasion, tend to exh

Ruminations: The falling out

The one thing you are taught as you grow up is to stand up for the underdog.

In the shadow of old guard

In 1998, when Sonia Gandhi returned to active politics and took over the presidentship of the Congress party in dramatic fashion, effectively overthrowing Sitaram Kesri, the apparent reason was tha

“A step towards uniform civil code”

BR Chopra’s ‘Nikaah’ put the spotlight on triple talaq in dramatic style in the Eighties.

A question of ideology

India has a special problem. Being a poor country that has struggled with distribution of resources, it has often relied on the Nehruvian version of Socialism.

Ruminations: Time for a rethink

The Rajasthan bypoll results carry an unerring message -- that the BJP's claims for pushing an aggressive development agenda cannot proceed simultaneously with an unambiguous message of communal an

Ruminations: A missed opportunity

One example stands out from recent years of how the Left took the lead and helped to fashion a secular front against the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Newsmaker: Yadav helmsman in winter

It had been a dream beginning.

Ruminations: A reputation not easily denied

In his book ‘India after Gandhi’, historian Ramchandra Gu­h­a refers to an incident in the 1960s to describe how a communal colour was given to a woman’s suicide and had led to riots.

Newsmaker: Not scissor-happy

If you aim to be authentic, you have to borrow from your life, your sensibilities, and your experiences.” Prasoon Joshi, adman, poet, script writer, wordsmith at large and now in the high profile p