Ananda Majumdar
Consulting Editor
New Delhi
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Ruminations: Unity on artificial turf

The success of the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar in 2015 appears to have become some sort of a template for political unity.

Ruminations: A disciplined society

Like a game of treasure hunt, sometimes very important messages are hidden in obvious places that no one notices.

Ruminations: Political turf at stake

In the Karnataka elections there is finally a match. It is no longer about separate ideas of India. The ideas have long gone out of the window. This is about survival.

Ruminations: Awaiting the chariot of Lord Aditya

Four years of NDA government at the centre have undermined one major gain that came with Narendra Modi’s prime ministership -- the revival of single party dominance and the end of pesky coalition p

Newsmaker: A question of unimpeachable integrity

In the rarefied inner chambers of the Supreme Court of India, you can sometimes find it difficult to tell what’s frosty from the typically formal.

Ruminations: A crisis of morality

It is going to be the moment of truth for women — when all their patience wears out, what will they do. The retribution for Kathua and Unnao cannot be in another ‘Not in My Name’.

Ruminations: Symbols of a divide

It needs powerful symbols to anger, or to keep the peace.

Ruminations: A fundamental divide

It has now become a case of lumpen versus lumpen in the name of Hindu identity.

Ruminations: Force feeding Hindu pride

The assertion of Hindu identity against the backdrop of the Ramjanmabhoomi movement now threatens to alter the social DNA of West Bengal.

Ruminations: Pawns in the game

The art of democracy involves exploring ways to influence voters.