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Ananda Majumdar
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New Delhi
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  • Apr 21 2017, 2324

    Lal Krishna Advani will turn 90 this November. Since he never formally retired from politics — he is the MP from Gandhinagar — it was easy to assume

  • Apr 21 2017, 2320

    The first serious efforts to begin the process of sewing up a mahagathbandhan —that magical term that has had connotations of victory since the Bihar assembly elections of November 2015

  • Apr 14 2017, 2332

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now a party in a state of continuous election readiness. It doesn’t merely want to win elections but needs to demolish the other

  • Apr 14 2017, 2243

    It hurt when Mohammad Ali lost to Larry Holmes in 1980, two years after he defeated Leon Spinks to regain the world heavyweight boxing title. He was meant to

  • Apr 07 2017, 2117

    Evidently, the message of exemplary punishment sent out to sexual predators at the workplace and elsewhere has not been strong enough to deter others. Cases in India of people