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  • Oct 14 2016, 2146

    With hordes of people venturing into mountainous areas for adventure or tourism, it is more important than ever to ensure awareness about the dangers of mountain sickness.
    When the

  • Oct 06 2016, 2249

    Despite there being no dearth of information and cautionary advice about the effects of altitude on the human body and the associated dangers, people still land themselves in trouble.

  • Sep 22 2016, 2254

    There are many people who are fans of end-of-season mount­aineering and trekking expeditions. Such expeditions are usually from end-September to the first week of November

  • Sep 15 2016, 2235

    Like running and mountain biking there has been a surge of interest in water sports among young Indian corporate professionals. Sur­prisingly surfing is becoming increasingly popular and

  • Sep 09 2016, 1802

    It is rewarding to see the enormous interest in fitness and an active lifestyle that is slowly taking root. Though one section of rather ‘old-school’ people still think of