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  • Nov 03 2016, 2203

    Thrills and chills return to the big screen when The Ring’s Naomi Watts moves to an isolated home in New England. Watts, along with Jacob Tremblay, Charlie Heaton, Oliver

  • Oct 21 2016, 2052

    Five years after they were left bereft Harry Potter fans have a reason to rejoice. No ‘The Boy Who Lived’ isn’t coming back–as yet–but the first Potter

  • Oct 14 2016, 2142

    If you haven’t heard of Doctor Strange we won’t blame you. Not too many are familiar with the story of Dr Strange a neurosurgeon who has a

  • Oct 06 2016, 2258

    Tom Hanks returns to step into symbologist Robert Langdon’s shoes once again in Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard’s Inferno. Based on Dan Brown’s bestseller of the same name

  • Sep 30 2016, 2148

    What happens Zach ‘Goofy’ Galifianakis meets Gal ‘Wonder Woman’ Gadot? It’s time to learn how to — well — keep up with the Joneses in this suburbans-meet-spies storyline. Directed