Sachin Shridhar

Sachin Shridhar
The author is a former IPS officer and now an entrepreneur
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  • Feb 20 2017, 0117

    Indian Parliament has over has over 34 per cent of MPs with criminal records and the situation is no different across all state Assemblies. The data is much touted

  • Feb 12 2017, 2300

    Politics is a common loathing of the middle class. Politicians run the country alright but no self-respecting and educated middle class family would encourage their kids to explore

  • Jan 10 2017, 0123

    Donald Trump prepares to take over as the the 45th president of US on January 20 and with him will come around 4,000 new appointees in the civil service.

  • Dec 29 2016, 2322

    Where there are five economists there are six opinions my professor used to say. As youngsters from a rather snooty college bubbling with idealism to

  • Dec 14 2016, 2326

    Turmoil is what the world likes today. Or so it seems