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Fifth Columnist: New Detente

In November 2016, the venerable Washington Post, in a watertight investigation on the man who would become the next President of the United States of America, concluded that “the Trump organisation

Countdown begins

In a country where more than 2 million people hold elected jobs, from little-known panchayat polls to the biggest of them all, the Lok Sabha elections, the writing is on the wall.

Billion buck dilemma

This republic of ours is the world’s largest producer of spices, pulses, milk, tea, cashew and jute, and the second largest producer of wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and oilsee

Fifth Columnist: Beijing first

Prime minister Narendra Modi has done well to keep the country’s foreign policy focus on China intact by appointing Vijay Gokhale, India’s former envoy to Beijing, as the new foreign secretary.

Fifth Columnist: Salvation from history

History – wrote the arch imperialist and wartime leader of the Great Britain, Winston Churchill – “is written by the victors”.

Fifth Columnist: Farmer votes

The 2011 Census reiterated what previous enumerations have concluded.

Fifth Columnist: Get the mayors back

The state of municipal administration in India is such that urban planning needs a radical rethink, a cataclysmic change both at the level of ideas and execution of plans, to reach a stage where sm

Fifth Columnist: A country of quacks

Physician, heal thyself. This ancient Greek idiom, fits India of the 21st century like a pair of gloves.

Fifth Columnist: Anti-corruption RIP

In several phases of the Congress Raj, more specifically in the 1980s and later in the UPA decade post-2004, India witnessed a series of anti-corruption movements, the one defining moment of which

Fifth Columnist: Lion of Kashmir

One of the most viral social media clips this week was Farooq Abdullah yelling at a TV anchor, who had dared to ask him whether he considered himself an Indian.