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Ranjit Bhushan
New Delhi
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  • Apr 22 2017, 0012

    The BJP under Narendra Modi has amply demonstrated that winning elections is a fine art honed out by the party and its cadres.
    But winning elections is just one

  • Apr 15 2017, 0028

    There are two unwritten codes in espionage that no text book is likely to enunciate, but have existed since the days of Mata Hari or even earlier.
    One, once

  • Apr 07 2017, 2117

    The widening chasm between politics and policy in India is nowhere better exemplified than prime minister Narendra Modi’s Clean Ganga or ‘Namami Ganga’ campaign.
    It is an archetypal example of

  • Mar 24 2017, 2317

    Barely half-an-hour into the counting of votes in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, it became clear that it was not going to be a repeat of the Bihar assembly elections

  • Mar 17 2017, 2242

    It is a card that was played ad nauseam for roughly six decades in Indian politics before it was run aground by a rampant Narendra Modi in 2014.