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SliceOfLife: Till Divorce do us part

The 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can is about a con artist Frank Abagnale Junior, who poses as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer, and cashes forged cheques worth millions.

Sliceoflife: Psst, book fairy is here

As children, we believed in fairies, imps, pixies and gnomes. Or at least, those of us who grew up on a steady diet of Enid Blyton, did.

Slice Of Life: Caught the sarahah bug, yet?

When I first heard the word Sarahah it sounded suspiciously like a Bollywood movie, which had just been released.

Incest a taboo?

A few days back, on the day of raksha bandhan, a popular festival in India celebrating the brother sister bond, Harper Collins India, sent out a tweet asking how many sibling pairs from literature

Sliceoflife: There’s no Pride in prejudice

Recently, a picture of bus seats, posted on a closed anti-immigrant group, made waves online, as the members of the group mistook the seats to be women in burkhas!

Sliceoflife: It’s pretty simple Really

Last week, a video, which starred the actors of the movie, Lipstick Under My Burkha, went viral gathering more than 6.8 million views, and over a 91,000 shares at the time of filing this piece.

SliceOfLife: Live & let live

IN the residential apartment complex that I live in, a resident clicked a photograph of a domestic help who was walking the dog of her employers. This was done without her consent.

Slice of life: Listen to your inner voice Reiki masters, spiritual teachers and those that believe in spirit guides swear by the fact that universe is sending us signals all the time, about what paths to choose and what decisions to make.
Slice of life: Where’s the change? Our attitudes, opinions and world-views are largely shaped by the culture that we grow up in, and are most familiar with.
Sliceoflife: Kindly Adjust A few months ago, when demonetisation was announced, there were protests, mostly on on social media, pictures shared of long queues and sharply divided arguments on merits and demerits.