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Gizmo Geek: Phone of the future or castles in the air

When it comes to dreaming up outlandish smartphones, Turing Robotic Industries have no match. It’s a different thing that they have yet to work out.

Gizmo Geek: Time for Some Capuccino

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, held annually in West Sussex, England, is all about time, and in more ways than one. There is, of course, the festival’s motor racing theme itself.

Gizmo Geek: Close-up confidence

Sony have long since established themselves in terms of delivering extraordinary sound and image quality.

Gizmo Geek: Ultimate Relaxation

One commentator has called Toto’s products the ‘gold standard for your buttocks’—no marks for guessing that these guys are manufacturers of high-end bathroom ware.

Sound of Music

Art Basel, the series of premier art fairs held around the world annually, is a great place to check out the best of modern and contemporary art. And sometimes that art comes in the form of tech.

Gizmo Geek: The Super Charger

A mention of Lamborghini is certain to light up the eyes of any luxury lover, especially one with a penchant for cars.

Gizmo Geek: The sound that you can touch

There is a photograph often circulated on social media of a cassette tape and a pencil lying side by side.

Gizmo Geek: Dig This Wallet

We could debate the future of cryptocurrency till the cows come home, but the truth of the matter is, if you’d bought $100 worth of bitcoins at the start of this decade, you’d be sitting on million

Gizmo Geek: High-end time telling

What connection could a maker of high-end luxury watches possibly have with one of the biggest tyre manufacturers of the world?

Gizmo Geek: The iPhone X gets a Lux Makeover

We truly, honestly thought we were over gold-plated iPhones. Then we got wind of Caviar’s iPhone X Tesla, and all bets were off.