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  • Oct 28 2016, 2317

    One of the strongest features of Android is its customisability. If you don’t like the appearance (or functionality) of its screens, icons, themes, clock, alarms, widgets, SMS apps etc, you’re free to swap it with a more suitable alternative from the Google Play Store.

  • Oct 25 2016, 1528

    Most often gadgets are an improved means to an unimproved end. Tech toys that distract us with their intricacy befuddling our brains with fancy functionality achieving and

  • Oct 21 2016, 2211

    Journaling is about keeping a personal record of life’s occurrences, experiences and reflections on a regular basis. A journal can be a great place to remember, ruminate, relive, feel and even dream.

  • Oct 19 2016, 1829

    When your smartphone can have a pin lock or fingerprint sensor, isn’t it about time something as important as your wallet acquired one too? Well, the iWallet Slim Carbon Fiber

  • Oct 14 2016, 2353

    GIF is an acronym for graphics interchange format. Ideally, that is pronounced as “ghif”— as in gift, sans the “t” — though most insist on mouthing “jiff”. A GIF is a bitmap image format, compressed to reduce transfer time.