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Amita Sharma
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  • Sep 09 2016, 1818

    A great story is like a love affair. Entangled skeins of enchantment and wisdom anticipation and surprise sorrow and desire enthrall us and there is no

  • Aug 03 2016, 2231

    Dopdi, a tribal woman and leading character in Mahasweta Devi’s short story Draupadi, derives her name from the Mahabharata namesake and is subjected, like her, to the mercy of men

  • Jul 28 2016, 2213

    Sayed Haider Raza is no more. After a long creative life he has merged with the endless and ineffable mystery of the universe that his art celebrated

  • Jul 20 2016, 2208

    The findings of the latest national achievement survey for Class 5, published by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) show that India’s public education system has failed

  • Jul 06 2016, 2210

    With easy computing skills and greater access to data, there is a crowding of reports on a bewildering variety of development indicators, each giving its verdict with great authority.