Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan
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  • Sep 23 2016, 1959

    I’ve been living in a village these past few weeks. The little township of Assagaon Goa is about as far from my metropolitan Delhi life as one

  • Sep 09 2016, 2219

    On a recent Twitter Q&A promoting his new novella author Suketu Mehta referred to critics as “eunuchs. ” The full quote was: “a critic is a eunuch in a

  • Sep 02 2016, 2117

    I went to my first kid’s party the other day. I mean my first since I was a kid myself

  • Aug 19 2016, 2208

    In my final year in high school, in a bid to pad out my extra curricular activities a bit, I volunteered to man a school crisis suicide helpline. We

  • Aug 05 2016, 2138

    So the Olympics are starting this weekend and I’m as excited as a non-sporty person can be. At the outset: I hate sports