Shona Adhikari

Shona Adhikari
The writer is an author and a former art gallery owner
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  • Jul 27 2014, 2232

    The subject for today’s art column has been triggered by the discovery of a scribbling pad that a friend gave me more than a decade ago. There were a

  • Jul 20 2014, 2043

    This week the focus is on summer art shows in Kolkata where young talent appears to have the last word. Their efforts clearly show that a special brand

  • Jul 13 2014, 1932

    Today’s column is about two artists born many decades apart and as different as chalk and cheese. Both were trained in fine arts and have used their artistic

  • Jul 06 2014, 2031

    With all the recent furore created by ‘so-called fakes’ that were part of an art auction, it seems the right time to mention important paintings that were considered to be

  • Jun 30 2014, 1002

    The Bid & Hammer auction on June 27 remained mired in controversy almost since it was first announced. Even after the event the unsolved mystery of whether some

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