Shona Adhikari

Shona Adhikari
The writer is an author and a former art gallery owner
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  • Oct 19 2014, 2033

    This week the focus is on renowned artist Amitabha Banerjee whose work I have always admired. Banerjee passed away a couple of years ago and I was delighted

  • Oct 13 2014, 1036

    The exhibition, ‘modern­ 20th century Indian art,’ that just opened at the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, is special for three reasons: to begin with, the exhibition is being

  • Oct 05 2014, 1936

    In the past week, Navaratri celebrations have led up to the worship of goddess Durga all over India in many different ways. Known by different names the goddess is

  • Sep 28 2014, 1932

    Today’s column is about a highly talented Turkish painter Fikret Moualla, who spent a major part of his life in Paris. It was during a visit to Istanbul that

  • Sep 21 2014, 2048

    This week our focus is on upcoming exhibitions in the national capital. The first is a rather historic art event on September 25 at the Kiran Nadar Museum

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