Arnav Pandya

Arnav Pandya
The writer is a CA and certified financial planner
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  • Nov 06 2016, 2210

    Several fund options are present under the mutual fund category and one of these is a gilt fund. Gilt funds open up the investment choice further as

  • Oct 16 2016, 2350

    Lots of times investors find themselves in a situation where the market experiences a downturn, making them consider the option of selling off all their mutual fund units. Taking

  • Oct 02 2016, 2333

    Investors often face problem in finding an effective way to safekeep their investment-related documents so that these are easily accessible in the future. For, one may be required to

  • Sep 25 2016, 2224

    The national pension system (NPS) has introduced two new investment options for its investors with varied equity exposures.

  • Sep 19 2016, 0028

    Companies are looking for variation in their debt offerings to attract investors. The variation is offered in both types of instruments and within instruments