Sriram Shankar

Sriram Shankar
New Delhi
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  • Jul 07 2014, 2257

    The months of May and June have been eventful for electronic privacy advocates. After the European Supreme Court ruled in favour of the people’s right to be forgotten

  • May 26 2014, 2343

    Odd as this may sound, the internet is threatened not only by government censorship and regulation but also from freebies offered by telecom operators in association with select internet companies.

  • May 20 2014, 0008

    The payment processing industry is witness to some frenetic activity from companies large and small. Coming on the back of an exponential growth in electronic and mobile commerce in

  • May 17 2014, 2244

    Apart from overwhelming mandates and a new government this election will also be remembered as one where social media mattered. From wooing first-time voters to mudslinging and discussing

  • May 13 2014, 0228

    For all of us who have wished for better features in smartphones — be it camera resolution or battery life — Project Ara by Google may have an answer.

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