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Sriram Shankar
New Delhi
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  • Aug 29 2016, 2158

    Recent advances in genetic engineering have placed health and nutritional ideals within reach. Malaria eradication disease resistant and higher yield producing crops and humans free of genetic diseases

  • Aug 22 2016, 2134

    In sectors ranging from retail to robotics a revolution is brewing. Powered by advancements in artificial intelligence sensor technology and computing computers can increasingly walk

  • Aug 09 2016, 1740

    If some of the most powerful countries had their way the internet we know (and love) will cease to exist. The days of data flowing free and unrestricted

  • Feb 16 2015, 1949

    With an NDA government in power claims about Indi­a’s hoary and glory past are back in the news. The Pushpak Vimaans plastic surgery and claims of renaming

  • Feb 02 2015, 2144

    And so it begins. The first overt war of the digital age waged by the United States on North Korea has ushered in the age of cyber warfare