Rajesh Gajra

Rajesh Gajra
New Delhi
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  • Nov 26 2014, 2138

    The last three months, including the current month, has witnessed the low-weight index stocks underperform their large-weight peers in equity benchmark indices. Its main implication is that when the

  • Nov 23 2014, 2232

    Smart investors generally stay wary of high portfolio concentration. But more often than not this is in the case of equity investing whether it is indirectly

  • Nov 21 2014, 2032

    In this column FC gives its view on new financial products launched in the market. This is a subjective view

  • Nov 18 2014, 2220

    Overall consumer price index (CPI) annual inflation has come down on the back of inflation decline in heavy-weights in the index, an analysis by FC Research Bureau reveals. The

  • Nov 16 2014, 2201

    Share prices of companies in the stock market fluctuate far more than the fundamentals of the concerned companies. But very high levels of volatility in the stock market can

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