Rajesh Gajra

Rajesh Gajra
New Delhi
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  • Dec 17 2014, 2347

    Mutual funds, which were net buyers in the domestic equity market for six consecutive months up to October when stocks were at elevated levels, have since gone slow in buying

  • Dec 15 2014, 1101

    Equity investors constantly face the dilemma of choosing between the stocks of big medium and small companies. There is an overwhelming bias among stock market analysts community

  • Dec 10 2014, 2151

    In a bid to circumvent the limit place on foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) for investing in government securities (GSecs) and short-term debt paper of less than three-year maturity, FPIs have

  • Dec 05 2014, 2253

    Most investments are driven by the intention to derive an optimum rate of return or profit without any significant level of concern for ethics or the social and environmental impact

  • Nov 26 2014, 2138

    The last three months, including the current month, has witnessed the low-weight index stocks underperform their large-weight peers in equity benchmark indices. Its main implication is that when the

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