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Aazar Anis
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  • Jan 31 2013, 2321

    Throughout the course of time, there have been guitar players that have inspired the masses to pick up a six stringer and leave their musical mark on the world.

  • There were places like this so long ago,
    Places where our legs would sway
    from the trees.
    Like flags with prayers and leaves in the wind,

  • Jan 24 2013, 2242

    Heavy never sounded as happy as the Miami-based four piece band Torche. Though fairly young for a band — they started not so long ago in 2004 —

  • Jan 17 2013, 2232

    At times, a band’s music is just so out of this world, it seems as if your music system/earphones/speakers/very house would implode and take you into a deep abyss.

  • Let us depart to the valleys high,
    Let us try to live a lie,
    Let not the day go down in sighs,
    May we the living, rest in dirt.