Shubhrangshu Roy

Shubhrangshu Roy
COO and Editor in-Chief
New Delhi
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  • Jul 11 2014, 1657

    For a man derided by former finance minister P Chidambaram for his knowledge of economics as only sufficient to be scribbled on the back of a postage stamp, prime minister

  • May 30 2014, 2053

    A freelance writer for Financial Chronicle based in Aligarh reacted with horror to a signed edit in this paper on the election verdict (read Hindu Nation in Mind of the

  • May 23 2014, 2246

    The general election this summer, the run up to it and its aftermath, have been distinguished by a cacophony of incoherent voices drowning any meaningful debate on good governance and

  • May 17 2014, 2243

    The verdict from this general election is two-fold. One corruption is not really an issue with voters; it is just a way of life

  • Sep 09 2013, 0906

    Heading home with little to take away from the summit of heads of state and government of the 20 most economically powerful countries, prime minister Manmohan Singh said, "The Group

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