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Number of retail investors in SBI jumps, stock hits 52-week low

Retail investors are back in the market, which has seen a correction of around 10 per cent in January–March quarter.

Flavour of the season

Now that the equity market has taken an unpredictable turn, investors will now focus on the coming earnings season, along with domestic macro economic data and the global events.

With a supportive earning cycle large market crash is unlikely

For the primary market, the last tow-three years have been fantastic as a number of good quality companies and new themes and sectors hit the market, said Chandresh Nigam, managing

31 public offers in March, 75 likely by September

More and more small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are going for public offers to meet their fund requirements.

Mutual fund NAVs are eroding for equity and debt

With a 10 to 11 per cent fall in the equity market benchmarks, Sensex and Nifty and a much higher fall in the mid-cap indices which were accelerated by a fall in financials, banks in particular, th

A thick pipeline

Never have been investors so spoilt for choice like in this month.

Rural, infra spaces may see momentum in next few quarters

Valuations are a function of sentiments, interest rates (and hence P/E ratios) and earnings trajectory.

Governance in focus

The crash of the Punjab National Bank stock after uncovering the  Rs 11,300-crore scam has once again brought corporate governance standards in Indian companies into sharp focus.

Revenue & profit of auto firms get a boost in Q3

Commercial vehicles, two-wheelers and tractor sales boosted revenue and profit margins of auto companies during the third quarter of FY18.  Passenger car sales, however, proved to be a drag.

Market’s ability to predict elections’ outcome is abysmal

Coming elections in 2018 and 2019 may not be so negative for the market as being perceived and the focus should be on investing in quality businesses run by excellent managements and which are