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KR Sudhaman
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  • Jul 11 2014, 2323

    A top UN body had a food programme in Rajast­han a couple of deca­des ago
    for which the Indian contr­ib­uted $1.5 mi­llion annually

  • Jul 11 2014, 0023

    In line with the red-flag raised by the pre-budget economic survey on the need for fiscal prudence in a slowing economy, finance minister Jaitley on Thursday stuck to a difficult

  • Jul 09 2014, 2309

    Apart from sharp fiscal consolidation, the pre-budget economic survey listed subsidy and tax reforms including GST as two other major areas of public finances that needed urgent attention to put

  • Jul 08 2014, 2324

    The Indian Railways has targeted Rs 8,000 crore investments through public private partnership (PPP) this financial year and indicated that foreign direct investment will be allowed for dedicated freight corridors.

  • Jul 04 2014, 2215

    A retired bureaucrat, who is also an economist of some repute, recently said the best way to take forward the Indian economy is to abolish subsidies altogether, as they cost

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