KR Sudhaman

KR Sudhaman
New Delhi
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  • Feb 20 2015, 1946

    Passengers are a continually shortchanged community despite the grand promises that Indian railway ministers routinely make. Huge amounts are annually allocated to improving rail amenities but nobody quite knows

  • Feb 13 2015, 2216

    Former finance minister and senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh once said: improve governance and economic reforms will fall in place.
    Unfortunately this home truth has not got the

  • Feb 06 2015, 1907

    The new series of GDP released last week is a major statistical development. It replaces the old series of calculating GDP at factor cost by gross value added (GVA)

  • Jan 30 2015, 2144

    Food Corporation of India (FCI) has outlived its utility. It was set up in the 1960s to provide price support operations when the country embarked upon the Green Revolution

  • Jan 23 2015, 2034

    A Good Samaritan was looking out of his window. He was flabbergasted to see one man digging a pit on the side of the road in front of his

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