Dharmendra Khandal

Dharmendra Khandal
The writer is a conservation biologist at Tiger Watch, Ranthambhore
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  • Jun 27 2016, 2206

    In nature it is not easy to gather investigative evidences, sometimes we have to speculate to determine the cause of a particular death. Therefore, sometimes one arrives at the

  • Jun 20 2016, 2215

    Poaching and anti-forestry activities are a problem for forest departments and conservation agencies around the world. They have been grappling with ways and means to control these for a

  • Jun 13 2016, 2123

    All cats have long legs short faces and sleek athletic bodies with camouflaging coats. In addition they can all retract their claws (except for cheetahs)

  • Jun 06 2016, 2219

    It is that time of the year again when the rains are coming around in several parts of the country. This is also the time for various faunal

  • May 30 2016, 2051

    We often read in newspapers that tiger skin worth Rs 50 lakh (or more) was seized by police or forest department. If you ask me, such news instigate ground

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That's not just the best answer. It's the betsest answer!