Dharmendra Khandal

Dharmendra Khandal
The writer is a conservation biologist at Tiger Watch, Ranthambhore
My Stories
  • Oct 15 2014, 2040

    Rainy days are times when tigers tend to venture outside national parks in search of easy prey. That’s because they get ample cover from lush and healthy crops to

  • Oct 08 2014, 1936

    All animals use special tactics in order to survive on the planet and camouflage is one of them. Predator or prey each animal resorts to disguise either

  • Sep 24 2014, 2030

    Did you know the tiger that you and I know of is just one of the 10 different subspecies of panther tigris found in 13 countries around the world? These

  • Sep 17 2014, 2040

    You can tell a lot about an animal by its poop. As one of my teachers back in school taught us when he picked up a jackal’s faeces with

  • Sep 10 2014, 2119

    In 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama fled China-occupied Tibet he used a secret path to reach India. That path passed through a tribal forest in West

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That's not just the best answer. It's the betsest answer!

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