Dharmendra Khandal

Dharmendra Khandal
The writer is a conservation biologist at Tiger Watch, Ranthambhore
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  • May 02 2016, 2212

    These days there’s an ongoing debate whether to declare various wild animals as vermin, especially blue bulls, wild boars and peacocks are at the receiving end. The question

  • Apr 25 2016, 2311

    Near all the tiger reserves the forest department is generally compensating villagers when predators kill their livestock. But for this they have to ascertain that it was a

  • Apr 18 2016, 2138

    Great things come into being when men and mountains meet. A hill range in the central India the Vindhyas gets its name due to its past inhabitants

  • Apr 04 2016, 2152

    While green energy sources are becoming an increasingly popular alternative energy option, not many take a step back to consider the impact it will have on the wildlife and eco-balance

  • Mar 28 2016, 2109

    One would think that permitting mass culling of wild animals in a country like India would be a very tough decision, especially when many wildlife organisations, animal right groups and

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