Simon J Evenett

Simon J Evenett
The writer is a professor of international trade and economic development at University of St Gallen, Switzerland
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  • Sep 07 2016, 2230

    New cohorts of students are now arriving at my university and, of course, I want them to get the most out of their studies. But attitudes to learning have

  • Jul 27 2016, 2227

    Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee for US president, is well known for his criticism of globalisation and trade deals in particular. Only this week he threatened to withdraw

  • Jun 29 2016, 2229

    For centuries children through to university st­udents have practiced improving their writing. Their efforts have been matched by teachers parents and professors reading and correcting texts as well

  • Jun 01 2016, 2158

    On June 23 British citizens will vote on whet­her to leave or stay in the European Union. Why sho­uld an­yone in India care about this vote? Maybe some Indians

  • May 04 2016, 2221

    In recent years when it comes to widespread corporate wrongdoing minds often turn to the financial sector. Fuelled by great movies such as The Big Short