Simon J Evenett

Simon J Evenett
The writer is a professor of international trade and economic development at University of St Gallen, Switzerland
My Stories
  • Oct 01 2014, 2016

    Whether in business, government, non-profits, or elsewhere, what assumptions underpin your thinking about world economy trends? Expectations about where future growth will come from and their implications for global power

  • Sep 03 2014, 2039

    The half-life of election-related optimism concerning reformist zeal shortens by the month. A sharp reassessment of prime minister Modi’s reformist credentials has occurred after Indian diplomats vetoed the implementation

  • Aug 06 2014, 2001

    So said the management guru Peter Drucker. However he was smart enough to know that commentary on “what is” isn’t necessarily the best advice on “what should be

  • Jul 02 2014, 2031

    The struggle to make rulers accountable goes back centuries if not longer. Typically at first nobles tried holding sovereigns to account

  • Jun 04 2014, 2039

    In recent months, Indian and Chinese authorities have been heavily criticised for high-profile investigations into possible foul play by certain multinational companies. Foreign critics charge that these companies are

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