Simon J Evenett

Simon J Evenett
The writer is a professor of international trade and economic development at University of St Gallen, Switzerland
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  • May 04 2016, 2221

    In recent years when it comes to widespread corporate wrongdoing minds often turn to the financial sector. Fuelled by great movies such as The Big Short

  • Apr 06 2016, 2244

    Much diplomacy is at best zero sum. The appointment of the next secretary-general of the United Nations is a good example: there can be only one head

  • Mar 30 2016, 2218

    A trump card delivers the winning hand in ca­rds. But does that hold in US politics? With his fifteenth win in the primaries — notching up victories recently in

  • Feb 18 2016, 2208

    Bold claims were made at last weekend’s meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science about the impact of commercial use of artificial intelligence (AI). One professor

  • Jan 27 2016, 2135

    If “everyone knows” th­at forecasting is a fool’s errand then why are so many articles published in January about the year to come? Moreover, if the latest research on expert