Simon J Evenett

Simon J Evenett
The writer is a professor of international trade and economic development at University of St Gallen, Switzerland
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  • Jun 29 2016, 2229

    For centuries children through to university st­udents have practiced improving their writing. Their efforts have been matched by teachers parents and professors reading and correcting texts as well

  • Jun 01 2016, 2158

    On June 23 British citizens will vote on whet­her to leave or stay in the European Union. Why sho­uld an­yone in India care about this vote? Maybe some Indians

  • May 04 2016, 2221

    In recent years when it comes to widespread corporate wrongdoing minds often turn to the financial sector. Fuelled by great movies such as The Big Short

  • Apr 06 2016, 2244

    Much diplomacy is at best zero sum. The appointment of the next secretary-general of the United Nations is a good example: there can be only one head

  • Mar 30 2016, 2218

    A trump card delivers the winning hand in ca­rds. But does that hold in US politics? With his fifteenth win in the primaries — notching up victories recently in