Simon J Evenett

Simon J Evenett
The writer is a professor of international trade and economic development at University of St Gallen, Switzerland
My Stories
  • Mar 30 2015, 2312

    When the history of state action during the crisis era is written, pride of place would be given to all manner of subsidies, bailouts and fiscal incentives as well as

  • Mar 02 2015, 2217

    Long dismissed as being stuck in our ivory towers, we economics professors look for real world examples to motivate our easily distracted, perpetually online students. The recently elected Greek

  • Dec 31 2014, 2137

    Following world trade talks isn’t for the faint hearted. After its successful December 2013 Ministerial Conference the World Trade Organisation (WTO) trumpeted an accord to streamline procedures at

  • Dec 03 2014, 0952

    There are some perennials in the international economic calendar, such as US Federal Reserve board meetings, IMF annual meetings and G20 summits. But some fall off the radar for

  • Nov 05 2014, 2033

    Once branded the ‘sick man of Europe’, in recent years, the German economy has been held up as an exemplar to its neighbours. Advocates of reform have latched on

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