Brij Kothari

Brij Kothari
The writer is a social entrepreneur and is on the faculty of IIM-Ahmedabad
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  • May 28 2014, 2024

    Presumably, every globally successful family business is engaged in creating societal value that is either integral to their business or which goes beyond it. But if it has to

  • Apr 23 2014, 2045

    Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu had this to say in his foreword to Ken Banks’ edited book: “The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator is a collection of real-life stories that show

  • Mar 26 2014, 2124

    As I approached the lanky young man holding up my name at the exit of Lucknow airport, he bent down to touch my feet. Maybe politicians and men of

  • Feb 12 2014, 2023

    Everyone gets it when it comes to a building but not when it comes to education. Yet the parallel is striking

  • Dec 31 2013, 2107

    India has a good number of social entrepreneurs, many of the cutting-edge ones branded as Ashoka, Schwab and Skoll Fellows, thanks to the global leadership of individuals like Bill Drayton