BK Chaturvedi

BK Chaturvedi
Member of Planning Commission and former cabinet secretary
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  • Mar 12 2017, 2357

    Finance minister while presenting the budget for 2017-18 made an interesting announcement which will have far reaching consequences for the petroleum sector. He expressed a policy intention of developing

  • Jan 19 2017, 2226

    Elections in five states have been announced by the election commission. The polling schedule will be completed in the next one month

  • Dec 19 2016, 0144

    Finance minister Arun Jaitley had announced three major reforms that would be reflected in the government documents when he would present his budget for next financial year: Change in date

  • Dec 08 2016, 2254

    Swachh Bharat is a mission to which everyone is committed. Looking at heaps of urban waste lying unattended hordes of people sitting along the railway lines defecating in

  • Nov 24 2016, 2218

    Sometime back the World Bank brought out a ranking of countries in terms of ease of doing business.