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Zehra Naqvi
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  • Jun 21 2017, 1502

    Adjustments and alterations are a way of life—adapting to the circumstances is, as Darwin says, the key to survival.

  • Jun 13 2017, 2328

    Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” It might be sacrilege to contradict Tolstoy—especially one of his m

  • Jun 06 2017, 2346

    Come the month of Ramzan, and everyone starts discussing what fasting is all about.

  • May 30 2017, 2251

    Samanth Subramanian, senior journalist and author of the award-winning book Following Fish, was asked an intriguing question at the launch of his book

  • May 23 2017, 2232

    Amid the vast multitude of tasks and huge amounts of information vying for our attention in the present moment, what suffers most is mental wellbeing.

  • May 16 2017, 2256

    Here’s an interesting anecdote from Warren Buffet’s life.

  • May 09 2017, 2305

    Ebenezor Scrooge, the unforgettable miser from Charles Dickens’s classic A Christmas Carol, was haunted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve — the gho

  • May 02 2017, 2243

    Are you paying attention to the colours around you?

  • Apr 25 2017, 2309

    Emotional states of a person have a direct connection with his or her mental wellbeing.

  • Apr 18 2017, 2234

    Human hubris makes us imagine ourselves as masters of the world, disregarding the other, non-human life forms that the universe teems with.