Zehra Naqvi

Zehra Naqvi
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  • Apr 25 2017, 2309

    Emotional states of a person have a direct connection with his or her mental wellbeing.

  • Apr 18 2017, 2234

    Human hubris makes us imagine ourselves as masters of the world, disregarding the other, non-human life forms that the universe teems with.

  • Apr 11 2017, 2308

    You’ve probably heard the phrase many times before — familiarity breeds contempt.

  • Apr 04 2017, 2329

    Humans are creatures composed of contradictions. Desire and renunciation, memory and forgetfulness, madness and sanity, frenzy and calm.

  • Mar 28 2017, 2309

    Among the thronging multitudes that offer you lessons on success, would you like a special lesson on failure?