Parvez Imam
Film-maker, Traveller and Doctor
New Delhi
My Stories
Where survival depends on greed Far away in another galaxy hangs a planet occupied by a crazy race (‘race’ because they are always racing against each other).
When a film script becomes a reality It begins with existing in a world that is too convoluted. In fact, it is quite corrupt, discriminatory, fascist, bigot and much more. But thank god, it is nothing serious.
Why cleaning up prejudices is vital We must clean what must be cleaned. And also the cobwebs in the dingy attics that seem so far away as if in a remote abandoned house in a fairytale or a painting.
A society similar to a busy marketplace It is about noise and it is about selling! What else should one expect in a market place where there is so much to be sold — thoughts, self, body, soul…? Every interaction is a transaction.
Why we all have blood on our hands What does the Jammu and Kashmir flood make us think? First, relief and rescue operations. A lot of good samaritans got on to that, like in every other disaster, be it the Tsunami or a communal riot.
Does a piece of paper define your identity? Papers are not papers, after all! Just like you are not you unless you have a paper saying who you are. What an irony. Are human beings reduced to ‘numbers and papers’ to validate their existence?
Can healing help us overcome stress? Theta, natural, holistic, spiritual, yogic, pranik, reiki … the list goes on.
Sowing the seeds of love for hatred No wonder we have a whole lot of talking going on about a bizarre idea of love being used by a community against another. It’s quite confusing.
The absoluteness in representations When a representation replaces the original object or subject, a ritualistic approach takes over.
Breaking away from ritualistic behaviour When an elephant is young, the mahout (or mahaut) performs the act of tying it to a wooden peg dug into the ground ensuring that the elephant watches him tie the knot.