Nida Mahmood

Nida Mahmood
Fashion designer and Artist
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  • Oct 28 2013, 2324

    The convergence of IT consumerisation, cloud computing and mobility is catalysing multiple changes in the way business information is delivered and consumed in today’s organisations, whereby users are wresting control

  • Aug 03 2010, 2134

    Summer this year brings in a flush of dresses. Make way for bright blooming florals solid colours super girlie numbers and chic formal evening ones

  • Jul 27 2010, 2201

    Colleges have opened for the new session. There is all that excitement and anticipation in the air the dread of ragging and a big question mark as

  • Jul 20 2010, 2143

    The world of fashion with its glamour and complexities and controversies all put together in a cauldron still remains our favorite subject, along with providing that constant source of excitement

  • Jul 14 2010, 0915

    OFF-SITE fashion is the newest trend that I see catching up very soon in India. On being asked by one of the publications recently as to the reason