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  • May 23 2016, 2131

    Veteran English filmmaker Ken Loach joined the august company of Shohei Imamura, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Haneke, Dardenne brothers and Emir Kusturica, winning the Golden Palm at Cannes for the

  • May 22 2016, 2248

    Academy Award winning Iranian director AsgharFarhadi in his The Salesman weaves yet another story of an Iranian middleclass couple who have to evacuate their apartment as it is developing cracks

  • May 20 2016, 2159

    Filipino filmmaker Brillante Mendoza continues his Cinema Verite style he displayed in Cannes in his earlier films Serbis and Kinatay in Ma Rosa, a film about a poor family in

  • May 19 2016, 2205

    Two times Academy winner Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar explores the lonely life of his lead protagonist in his film Julieta. Adapted from three short stories from the Canadian

  • May 17 2016, 2222

    American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch is well known for his unhurried pace of films in which his characters develop. Paterson is a true blood Jim Jarmusch film in which Paterson