M Muneer
CEO and managing director, CustomerLab Solutions
My Stories
How Well Do You Manage Leads?

Holding on to your existing leads, just as retaining your customers, is vital today more than ever before. The importance of this cannot be re-emphasised more.

Riding the Digital Era

Majority of marketing folks are very immersed minute details of a campaign and often lose sight of the big picture.

Managing Employee Branding

Have you come across any value statement of organisations that does not say employees are their most valuable assets?

Bonding a Partnership

Partnering is everywhere now.

Are You an expert Salesperson?

It may not be the oldest profession in the world but it is probably the least appreciated. Most of you scoff at selling as a profession.

Demand For A Finer Segmentation

There used to be a time when companies could launch their products to all. Not any more.

Stay Focused & Win Big

In my work with many small and medium enterprises years ago, I have noticed hat many of these businesses consistently make the same marketing mistakes.

Internal Audience Is Key To Branding

Brand building is no small task. Developing a brand is a meticulous process for all businesses. Most brand custodians decide to reposition or rebrand once in several years.

The Cry For Accountability

Digital economy and social media proliferation have accelerated the cry for accountability in advertising and marketing.

Creating a Value Chain

You know that your competitive advantages and meaningful differentiation have eroded when your sales people ask for price reduction or when you have to compete on price.