M Muneer
CEO and managing director, CustomerLab Solutions
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What Use Packaging?

If you own any Apple product you will have noticed their sleek white packaging as compared to the typical dull industrial grade packaging of a Dell or Lenovo.

Effectiveness is more critical than spends

Years ago when I was working with the doyens of advertising industry, Sir Maurice and Charles Saatchi, there was a favourite saying when clients were reluctant to pay the premium we charged: “When

Smarter Ways To Reach Out

Every marketing head loves making ad films. Not just for the thrill of discussing with top ad filmmakers, meeting models but also for receiving a cut from the approved budgets.

Being Neutral Is Better

You come across a whole bunch of new buzzwords these days. Some of these words are new to the world. Some are coined, some Hinglish and a lot many other types. Oftentimes it is quite funny.

Optimise Research When Going Global

As markets become stagnant and bottom lines get narrower – just as we have seen for the last four years – companies look at global markets for growth.

Driving ROI of Relationships

Enterprises invest considerable resources in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software across the world.

Bartering as a Strategy?

In an economy that is hyper competitive, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their so-called share of wallet or market positions.

Marketeers Embrace Disruption

Remember the 2010 film “Enthiran (Robot)” starring Tamil superstar Rajinikanth? The one where a robot becomes emotionally involved like Human beings?

Link Satisfaction to Profits

Measuring customer satisfaction using elaborate questionnaires and experienced research agencies is a big bucks expense in most companies today.

Web Experience Matters a Lot

For the last two weeks I have been trying to ask a question to Vistara Airlines via their website and every time I fill up all the information including my loyalty number, the drop-down topic selec