M Muneer

M Muneer
CEO and managing director, CustomerLab Solutions
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  • Apr 10 2017, 2228

    Many entrepreneurs confuse sales with marketing or vice versa. And it is not very different for some of the learnt senior executives too

  • Jan 30 2017, 0122

    Do you know that direct marketing may have been in existence since 1930s? However, it became a unique marketing category only in the 1960s when a gentleman called Wunderman

  • Jan 22 2017, 2335

    As we have been discussing in these columns, business-to-business (B2B) marketing is becoming more dynamic by the day and even by the hour, and marketers who are used to static

  • Jan 15 2017, 2318

    Demonetisation and the cashless drive may have dampened the start of a great year in India for B2B companies. Media experts are questioning the merits of the DeMo move

  • Jan 10 2017, 0127

    The small and medium business (SME) sector offers significant growth opportunities, and marketing to this large segment of business in India makes sound sense for growth. Although many companies