Bubbles Sabharwal

Bubbles Sabharwal
The writer is a theatre director and novelist
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  • Sep 08 2016, 2245

    Revisiting the past usually turns out disappointing. We normally retrace our steps in the hope of finding lost footprints: Footprints of a younger you of a more adventurous

  • Sep 01 2016, 2259

    People are always blaming their circumstances for what they did not get or for what they have become or for what never came to them or for how better life

  • Aug 25 2016, 2231

    There is absolute happiness and relative happiness. The poet John Milton wrote “the mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell

  • Aug 04 2016, 2243

    We are a funny lot we humans. Everything we are given we take for granted and god forbid we lose it we fall into a pit of

  • Jul 28 2016, 2231

    It is true life is richer than fiction. If we were to gather every person’s story we would have more stories than grains of sand on a