Bubbles Sabharwal

Bubbles Sabharwal
The writer is a theatre director and novelist
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  • Aug 25 2016, 2231

    There is absolute happiness and relative happiness. The poet John Milton wrote “the mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell

  • Aug 04 2016, 2243

    We are a funny lot we humans. Everything we are given we take for granted and god forbid we lose it we fall into a pit of

  • Jul 28 2016, 2231

    It is true life is richer than fiction. If we were to gather every person’s story we would have more stories than grains of sand on a

  • Jul 21 2016, 2311

    Today I am one thing, tomorrow another! Sometimes wife, sometimes cook, sometimes mother, sometimes a vet, sometimes driver, but most times the kitchen is the centre of my universe.

  • Jul 07 2016, 2131

    It’s the Tower of Babel out here, walk into a market or into a food court or into a hospital, everyone’s talking at the same time and not coherently either.