Bubbles Sabharwal

Bubbles Sabharwal
The writer is a theatre director and novelist
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  • Jun 16 2016, 2250

    I cry! I cry for my country the kind of healthcare we have for the poor and sick. Our biggest problem is our population and a close second

  • Jun 09 2016, 2259

    Sometimes we marry for all the wrong reasons. Often we marry the wrong person some marry to leave their parents some marry out of need for a

  • Jun 02 2016, 2157

    Summer is on and schools are shut, which means children have all the time to play and relax. What fun. If only parents would let children relax, with no strings attached.

  • May 19 2016, 2209

    How often I have heard adults chide a good looking young girl in a form fitting mid thigh striped dress to “sit properly”, “no need to stand out.

  • May 12 2016, 2232

    We all possess a car or a bike; some of us a pet; some have children and family.