Bubbles Sabharwal

Bubbles Sabharwal
The writer is a theatre director and novelist
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  • Apr 23 2015, 2052

    Believe it or not there is the unspoken-of society of the urban snobs (US) that is never spoken of. The five cardinal rules are as follows

  • Apr 16 2015, 2227

    Life has a heart just as we do. Most times she is caring and nurturing but she too has a cold side and we need to experience it

  • Apr 09 2015, 2230

    Relationships are what we live with day in and day out. The world is made up of people and so we live within a web of relationships

  • Apr 02 2015, 2113

    “To the weak difficulty is a closed door. To the strong however it is a door waiting to be opened

  • Mar 26 2015, 2325

    It’s a tangled web we spin
    The relationships we make
    break and stay in.
    The actions we take
    the consequences we cannot
    The heart comes undone
    tied up

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