Bubbles Sabharwal

Bubbles Sabharwal
The writer is a theatre director and novelist
My Stories
  • Mar 26 2015, 2325

    It’s a tangled web we spin
    The relationships we make
    break and stay in.
    The actions we take
    the consequences we cannot
    The heart comes undone
    tied up

  • Mar 19 2015, 2134

    Denial doubles desire think about it! Every time you deny someone something that is just the thing that they desire/want/crave. Let me give you three commonplace examples

  • Mar 12 2015, 2223

    I was sitting in my car driving two hours out of Delhi. The windows were rolled up since pollution is as much of a road menace as road rage

  • Mar 05 2015, 2147

    Women’s day. Women’s day week

  • Feb 26 2015, 2239

    There was a little girl/ Who had a little curl/ Right in the middle of her forehead When she was good/She was very very good/ When she was bad/ She

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