Arun Kumar Jain

Arun Kumar Jain
Professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, IIM-Lucknow
My Stories
  • Aug 24 2015, 2250

    Presence or absence of flawless processes can make or break a business. Growing businesses so­metimes underrate the value of processes coming as they are from a background of

  • Aug 10 2015, 2020

    Many firms struggle as they expand into global markets finding that the culture, buying patterns, best practices, legal and competitive environments, and government policies are much different from those at

  • Jul 27 2015, 2117

    Leadership is about facing and resolving dilemmas taking tough calls mitigating risks yet keeping the momentum and moving forward. The governing laws of ‘knowledge-packed hi-technology’

  • Jul 13 2015, 2037

    The world has come a very long way since Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908. The product was a result of major disruptive innovation which revolutionised manufacturing

  • Jun 29 2015, 2230

    Till the mid-1990s, the central government and its companies were the only suppliers of telecom hardware and services in the country, and the waiting period for fixed line phones was