Arun Kumar Jain

Arun Kumar Jain
Professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, IIM-Lucknow
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  • Jun 29 2015, 2230

    Till the mid-1990s, the central government and its companies were the only suppliers of telecom hardware and services in the country, and the waiting period for fixed line phones was

  • Jun 15 2015, 2019

    One of the prime casualties of Delhi’s ex-law minister’s fake degree case is erosion of public trust in educational institutions, as well as in the process of selection for important

  • Jun 01 2015, 2020

    One of the most common sights every morning at major intersections in most Indian cities is the horde of manual workers waiting for a contractor to arrive and take them

  • May 18 2015, 2104

    Think of poorly performing companies like ITI, BSNL, Kingfisher Airlines in India and Kodak, Enron, around the world, which are either in near terminal sickness or bleeding heavily. Why

  • May 04 2015, 2017

    As Buddha said: “Words without context have no meaning. ” Quoting words without an understanding of the original context or knowledge of where the speaker was coming from can only