Arun Kumar Jain

Arun Kumar Jain
Professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, IIM-Lucknow
My Stories
  • Jan 25 2016, 2005

    Building and running businesses is a patient process and a generatio­nal commitment. Most businesses which have achieved mass today started as garage-type shops which the entrepreneur built brick

  • Jan 11 2016, 2059

    Our world’s population is predicted to reach ni­ne billion by 2050. One can imagine the kind of pressure that will be exerted on m­other earth in terms of natural

  • Dec 28 2015, 2212

    In principle safeness is an integral part of swacchta — both supplement and complement each other. Environmental uncleanliness and unhygienic conditions go ha­nd-in-hand with unsafe workplaces

  • Dec 14 2015, 2218

    The edifice of good boa­rd level corporate governance rests on risk assessment reporting and refl­ections. Global companies su­rvive and thrive on the stre­ngth and adherence to these 3Rs

  • Nov 30 2015, 2213

    There are three broad categories of people in the world now: the une­mployable the locally employa­ble and the globally employab­le. Jobs relating to pure manual labour (mundane acts