Arun Kumar Jain

Arun Kumar Jain
Professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, IIM-Lucknow
My Stories
  • Jan 12 2015, 2008

    Fifteen to twenty years’ span is the time when humans enter their next phase of life, say, from a child to adulthood. This cycle is true for most human

  • Dec 22 2014, 1957

    This is an age of collaboration. A seemingly simple device like a mobile phone is an integrative combination of hundreds of technologies that are designed developed tested

  • Dec 08 2014, 2116

    Joint ventures (JVs) have become ubiquitous. Their importance has grown tremendously with increased globalisation and spread of multinational companies

  • Nov 24 2014, 2040

    In the mid-1990s, while researching drivers of corporate excellence, we found that successful organisations had a deep-rooted philosophical orientation towards what we termed as total customer orientation (TCO). It

  • Nov 10 2014, 2258

    At a recent two-day conference of directors of national institutes of technology (NITs) at Rashtrapati Bhawan, attention was focused on macro factors that can make them more relevant and effective

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