Arun Kumar Jain

Arun Kumar Jain
Professor of Strategy and Corporate Governance, IIM-Lucknow
My Stories
  • Oct 27 2014, 2012

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘make in India’ call has set an important strategic direction for the country’s businessmen, policymakers, and regulatory agencies. It has helped generate a healthy debate

  • Oct 13 2014, 2036

    At every age there are certain portends that become irreversible events. In the 19th and 20th centuries the steam turbine and later oil-driven economy unleashed the mobility

  • Sep 29 2014, 2011

    Albert Camus famously wrote: ‘Life is the sum of all your choices’. This is true for individuals companies communities and countries

  • Sep 15 2014, 2040

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s call of “come — make in India” from the ramparts of Red Fort this Independence Day is also a challenge for us Indians to make it

  • Sep 01 2014, 1950

    One of the key dimensions of global competitiveness is the innovation capability of an organisation. This means having an ability not only to harness potential ideas and converting them

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