Varun Dutt

Varun Dutt
The writer is on the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India and knowledge editor of Financial Chronicle
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  • Oct 30 2014, 2057

    In households across the world people use electric energy not directly but through their home appliances. We consume services powered by electricity such as television lighting

  • Oct 24 2014, 2114

    Diwali this year is not as noisy the festival as it was last year. Reports suggest that sales of fireworks have dropped by a third in 2014 and the

  • Oct 17 2014, 2304

    The over-confidence effect is a well-established bias in which a person’s subjective confidence in his judgments is mostly greater than the objective accuracy of those judgments, especially when confidence is

  • Oct 16 2014, 2038

    A smart meter is an electronic device that records consumption of electric energy in short intervals and communicates this information on a regular basis back to the utility for monitoring

  • Oct 10 2014, 2213

    In economics Knightian uncertainty is risk that is immeasurable or simply not possible to calculate. It is an uncertainty where there cannot be an exact or any

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