Varun Dutt

Varun Dutt
The writer is on the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India and knowledge editor of Financial Chronicle
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  • Jul 11 2014, 2257

    In the recent Indian budget, the finance minister, Arun Jaitley, announced the setting up of Rs 10,000 crore fund to enhance capital flow to startups and small and medium enterprises

  • Jul 04 2014, 2128

    The peak-end rule is a heuristic that describes how humans hedonically evaluate past experiences while making decisions. This process leads people to judge an experience by its most intense

  • Jun 27 2014, 2100

    Money illusion refers to the tendency of people to think of currency in nominal rather than real (inflation-adjusted) terms. In spite of its importance money and how

  • Jun 26 2014, 2345

    The pressing problem of climate cha­nge is intertwined with the challenges of economic development. Although developed countries aggravated the problem through large-scale emission of heat-trapping gases (in particular

  • Jun 20 2014, 2151

    Entrepreneurial success may depend upon how an entrepreneur focuses on her long-term goals compared to her short-term objectives. Often budding entrepreneurs might give short-term goals too much attention

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