Varun Dutt

Varun Dutt
The writer is on the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India and knowledge editor of Financial Chronicle
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  • Jan 23 2015, 2024

    The gambler’s fallacy, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy, is the mistaken belief that if something happens more frequently than usual now, then it will happen less frequently in

  • Jan 22 2015, 2318

    The United Nations framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) is an international environmental tr­eaty negotiated at the United Nations conference on environment and development (UNCED), informally known as the Earth

  • Jan 16 2015, 2045

    One has to make several choices as the arrival of a new baby approaches. What to name the child? Whether to breast or bottle feed? Should one use cloth

  • Jan 09 2015, 1940

    The “hot-hand fallacy” is the fallacious belief that a person who has experienced success with a random event has a greater chance of further success in additional attempts. The

  • Jan 08 2015, 2055

    The last week of December, 2014 and the first week of January this year saw a thick blanket of fog in north India. It is reported from a number

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