Varun Dutt

Varun Dutt
The writer is on the faculty of Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India and knowledge editor of Financial Chronicle
My Stories
  • May 22 2015, 2029

    In a world where consumer is king there’s a lot of temptation to spend when you go out shopping. How can one control one’s spending? A simple answer

  • May 15 2015, 2021

    In decision theory and economics, ambiguity aversion (also known as uncertainty aversion) describes a preference for known risks over unknown risks. An ambiguity averse individual would rather choose an

  • May 14 2015, 2110

    The clean development mechanism (CDM) is a flexible mechanism defined in the Kyoto Protocol that allows the crediting of emission reductions from greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement projects. CDM was

  • May 08 2015, 2016

    Imagine you are in the office and you overhear your boss saying that he wants to give you a raise of Rs 2,000 per month. How happy would you

  • May 01 2015, 1950

    As a conservative estimate, at least half of all new businesses world over fail within the first four years of their establishment. One suggested explanation for these high failure

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