Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
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  • Oct 16 2016, 2304

    There has been a crescendo of accusations that Gandhi was a bigot a casteist and a racists. He called native Africans “Kaffirs” and he did nothing for their

  • Oct 02 2016, 2243

    After the attacks in Uri and the killings of the 18 jawans, there has been a lot of sabre rattling and cries for tit for tat revenge. From a

  • Sep 18 2016, 2306

    Day before Onam I was in Kerala. I was invited to unveil a bust of Bapu at the Mahatma Gandhi Cup boat race pavilion on the Pampa River at

  • Sep 04 2016, 2232

    In 2014, at an election campaign rally, Rahul Gandhi blamed RSS of killing Gandhi, following which a defamation suit was filed by a RSS functionary against him. Now, Gandhi

  • Aug 21 2016, 2133

    The sedition law was promulgated by colonial Britain to suppress nationalist opinion and voices for freedom, but even our colonial rulers used the law with responsibility and discretion. In