Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
My Stories
  • Jun 28 2015, 1903

    It has been a season of hate in the United States of late. There have been several incidents that have added fuel to the racial fire recently but

  • Jun 14 2015, 1958

    A week ago I was in Venezuela an oil producing and exporting nation yet one of Latin America’s poorest. Besieged by rampant inflation and chronic shortages

  • May 31 2015, 1935

    India has a long coastline with the sea on two sides and its southern tip. This coastline has traditionally encouraged two professions — one of the salt-maker and the

  • May 17 2015, 1948

    Our prime minister’s favourite buzzword ‘make in India’ is oft repeated during his frequent foreign jaunts. I worry that instead of encouraging Indian manufacturing it is more and more

  • May 03 2015, 1905

    For centuries India has been an agrarian and a skill and craft-based civilisation. Its farmers artisans craftsmen and skilled labours are the backbone of its economy