Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
My Stories
  • Jul 13 2014, 1927

    We are a very political people. We politicise and corrupt everything

  • Jun 15 2014, 2024

    Every time a new government takes office it is bound to raise people’s expectations. Everyone starts compiling wishlists and hopes that the government will take note of one’s

  • Jun 01 2014, 2039

    On May 26 In­dia's new prime minister and his team took oath of office. May 27 was their first day at work

  • May 18 2014, 2051

    Finally the curtain falls on the biggest festival of the democratic world. It’s been a clean sweep for Narendra Modi shocking many but living up to

  • May 04 2014, 2103

    As India inches towards the final phase of voting in these general elections, it’s been a season of contradictions and confusion, selfish pursuits and blatant lies. We have seen

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