Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
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  • Jul 10 2016, 2255

    We take pride in our democracy. We sh­ould! After all we are the m­ost populous and diverse de­mocracy in the world with the highest disparities among-st our

  • Jun 26 2016, 2115

    Recently, three young women broke into the elite male basti­on of the Indian Air Fo­rce and were inducted as fi­ghter pilots. Flying cad­ets Mohana Singh, Avani Ch­atu­rvedi and Bhawana

  • Jun 12 2016, 2025

    In the past few days a few sticky issues have once ag­ain crept into public deba­te. These are issues of morality and fairness by which a nation and

  • May 01 2016, 2233

    What is rural enterprise? Ask this qu­estion and 9 out of 10 will answer agriculture, horticulture or animal husbandry and dairy. The 10th might answer handicrafts and cottage industry

  • Apr 03 2016, 2207

    Maharashtra’s rationalist movement is very strong so is its socialist ideology popularly known as chalvalit la or ‘of the struggle’. Their ideolog­ues are a very special lot