Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
My Stories
  • Aug 24 2014, 2053

    In the mid 1930s, an American journalist asked Bapu if in an independent India, he would impose total prohibition on the sale and consumption of alcohol. Bapu answered emphatically,

  • Aug 10 2014, 1944

    The world recently commemorated World War I the war that was supposed to have ended all wars. I don’t think any society that claims to be civilised can

  • Jul 27 2014, 1945

    Rage and the notion of being above the law — both law of the land and laws of basic morality — can make monsters out of ordinary people. When

  • Jul 13 2014, 1927

    We are a very political people. We politicise and corrupt everything

  • Jun 15 2014, 2024

    Every time a new government takes office it is bound to raise people’s expectations. Everyone starts compiling wishlists and hopes that the government will take note of one’s

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