Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
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  • Jan 24 2016, 2047

    When I read the suicide note written by Rohith Vemula, it reminded me of a tragic story I had been told on a visit to London in 2002. Vemula’s

  • Jan 10 2016, 2140

    Mahatma Gandhi discovered India in its villages and the real Indian in its farmers herdsmen craftsmen and artisans. He realised that if India were to be freed

  • Dec 27 2015, 2047

    We quote with pride a few texts from Ma­nu or if we are Mussalmans from the Quran. We do not carry even these into practice

  • Dec 13 2015, 2042

    Intolerance is a form of goo­ndaism. ”
    MK Gandhi Harijan: May 25 1947

    What the father of the nation warned in the year of our freedom rings so

  • Nov 15 2015, 2004

    On his recent visit to England, when prime minister Narendra M­odi was asked about the rising intolerance in India, he astutely invoked the names of Gandhi and the Buddha to