Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
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  • Aug 21 2016, 2133

    The sedition law was promulgated by colonial Britain to suppress nationalist opinion and voices for freedom, but even our colonial rulers used the law with responsibility and discretion. In

  • Aug 07 2016, 2243

    “The word inequality has a bad odour about it, and it has led to arrogance and inhumanities, both in the East and the West” — MK Gandhi, Young India: August

  • Jul 10 2016, 2255

    We take pride in our democracy. We sh­ould! After all we are the m­ost populous and diverse de­mocracy in the world with the highest disparities among-st our

  • Jun 26 2016, 2115

    Recently, three young women broke into the elite male basti­on of the Indian Air Fo­rce and were inducted as fi­ghter pilots. Flying cad­ets Mohana Singh, Avani Ch­atu­rvedi and Bhawana

  • Jun 12 2016, 2025

    In the past few days a few sticky issues have once ag­ain crept into public deba­te. These are issues of morality and fairness by which a nation and