Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
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  • Nov 03 2014, 0956

    I have just returned from a vacation in the Andamans that was nothing short of fantastic. I have often heard people rave about their holidays in Hawai Caribbean

  • Oct 19 2014, 2029

    Prime minister Narendra Modi has promised to build a toilet in every Indian home especially in our villages. This is necessary and very admirable

  • Oct 05 2014, 1948

    Dear Prime Minister
    I write to you, with admiration of your newfound love for Bapu and to make a few earnest appeals.
    Since you became the prime minister of India, you

  • Sep 21 2014, 2045

    The calamity in Jammu and Kashmir has once again shown how unprepared we are about disaster. Why is it that we as a people have never bothered about preparing

  • Sep 07 2014, 1954

    In the past 12 months I took two extensive road trips through Gujarat. The first was in October last year from Kuttch through Kathiyavaad to Vadodara; while

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