Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
My Stories
  • May 17 2015, 1948

    Our prime minister’s favourite buzzword ‘make in India’ is oft repeated during his frequent foreign jaunts. I worry that instead of encouraging Indian manufacturing it is more and more

  • May 03 2015, 1905

    For centuries India has been an agrarian and a skill and craft-based civilisation. Its farmers artisans craftsmen and skilled labours are the backbone of its economy

  • Apr 19 2015, 2206

    Once again, a rivalry from the past has been raked up and a controversy created to serve political purposes in the present. Lacking its own historic icons, the BJP

  • Apr 06 2015, 0018

    Arundhati Roy has called Mahatma Gandhi the ‘first corporate sponsored NGO of this country’. She added ‘it is one of the greatest falsehoods in this country to worship Gandhi

  • Mar 22 2015, 1846

    It is open season on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also known as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu father of the nation. He has also been called an agent

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