Tushar Gandhi

Tushar Gandhi
The writer is founder president, Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
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  • Nov 15 2015, 2004

    On his recent visit to England, when prime minister Narendra M­odi was asked about the rising intolerance in India, he astutely invoked the names of Gandhi and the Buddha to

  • Nov 01 2015, 2031

    In the past few weeks, questions have been ra­ised about the rising levels of intolerance in our democracy and the apathy that seems to have gripped our institutions. And

  • Oct 18 2015, 1937

    We have become a culture of banning. But most bans are reactionary and do nothing to lift our civilisational spirit

  • Oct 04 2015, 2033

    For the past few days Digital India has become as potent a buzzword as Quit India once was. The belief is that this will help break India out

  • Sep 20 2015, 2126

    I have just returned from a long vacation in the US. The last leg of my trip took me to the west coast — California Arizona and Nevada