The 'Buying First Car' Guide

Buying first car? Take a crash course

The 'Buying First Car' Guide
Owning your first car is a very special feeling, and rightly so. But it could be very painstaking if after making the purchase, you realise that it was not the car you wanted. Mistakes while buying a car are common. People often let emotions blur common sense. Experts suggest you to ask a few questions to yourself before zeroing in on a four-wheeler.

What are my requirements?

Tutu Dhawan, a Delhi-based auto analyst, says: “A car should be bought in line with one’s requirements. For short distances, a car running on petrol should be just fine.” He points out how most people prefer diesel vehicles even though they cost almost Rs 1 lakh more than the petrol versions. Dhawan says, “As diesel is cheaper than petrol, people go for cars that run on the former. Diesel versions should be desirable if the buyers do a lot of commuting daily.”

How much can I afford?

This is a fundamental question that needs to be asked. An average income earning person should not hope to buy a high-end luxury car, as that could create further financial complications. Even if a person desires a plush expensive car, then buying a used car would not be a good idea.

What are the special features I desire?

The simpler the desires, the cheaper will be the vehicle. In summers it could be impossible to travel without an air conditioner, and today except for Maruti 800 that still produces models of cars without an ac, most cars today have in built ones. Be clear of the luxuries you expect your baby to provide.

What is the car’s fuel efficiency?

After you boil down upon a few cars, picking the right one could be a tough ask. Hence, find out carefully the mileage each of the vehicles give, in built safety measures the

car has, etc.

Have I done my research?

Says Dhawan, “Buying a car needs a lot of investment of time.” The last thing you would want to do is for the dealer to realise that you understand little or nothing about cars.

n Have I driven the car?

In case you cannot drive take a veteran driver along for a test drive who will be the best person to tell whether the car runs smoothly or not. Financial Chronicle would, however, advice people to learn driving before purchasing a vehicle.

Do I know anyone who owns this model?

Finally, if you have any doubts about the car, find somebody who already owns the same model to get a first hand feedback.

my monthly running is around

my monthly running is around 300 km. should i go for thebase model of nissan sunny which is around 6.30lks on road
or the higer version of maruti desire with more features on the same price?? or may be base model of desire diesel.
kindly advice


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