Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The writer is managing director of Deloitte Consulting, India
My Stories
  • Jul 01 2014, 2014

    An official Xinhua report from Beijing projects China’s GDP to top $10 trillion by 2014. However that is not the whole story

  • Jun 17 2014, 2229

    Wash and wear garments were a novelty once. But the new revolution in innovation is in the ‘watch’ and ‘wear’ computing devices

  • Jun 11 2014, 2057

    After the horse carriages went out of business private automobiles and cabs have been dominating the roads in the west. But today an innovation has arrived which

  • May 20 2014, 1954

    It is time to challenge two widely held beliefs in the information technology industry. The first belief is that Silicon Valley is the hotbed of all or nearly

  • May 06 2014, 2029

    The debate on growth and equality is an old theme for policy pundits. The choice however is not between “all growth and no equity” and “all equality

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