Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The writer is managing director of Deloitte Consulting, India
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  • Jun 23 2015, 1952

    The original silk routes connected the east to the west — from China through India to the Mediterranean nations. The origin of the silk routes can be traced back

  • Jun 10 2015, 0105

    There was a time when a school of pundits believed that nationalisation of our key industries was the panacea to all our problems. Prime minister Indira Gandhi nationalised our

  • May 26 2015, 2142

    Some CEOs and policymakers argue forcefully that distance is of no relevance in today’s world because of internet and digitisation. According to this camp of thinkers geography is

  • May 12 2015, 2039

    Who would have believed that the staid and stable power industry is at the cusp of innovative disruption? And guess what? The seeds of this innovation were sown in the

  • Apr 28 2015, 2024

    Hannover has a green ‘forest’ in the middle of the city, the largest in Europe and twice the size of Central Park in New York. But this forest does