Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The writer is managing director of Deloitte Consulting, India
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  • Jan 20 2015, 2202

    There is plenty of good news about the Indian economy. Inflation has moderated

  • Jan 06 2015, 2039

    Humankind has been spending billions of dollars on research to find alternative and renewable sources of energy. We have made great strides in this arena

  • Dec 30 2014, 2107

    It is one of the most significant events of 2014. It has influenced geo-politics and impacted the economic scenario planning of every country

  • Dec 16 2014, 2319

    There is a joke about what Indians would do in a crisis. A plane “crashes” on a desert island

  • Dec 02 2014, 0949

    The myth that China is only good for “ch­eap” products and that India is an IT super-power ne-eds to be debunked for the sake of India’s software industry. India’s

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