Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The author is founder and CEO of Sumantrana, a strategy advisory firm
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  • Feb 02 2016, 2129

    Year 2016 has started with ominous signs. Chi­na’s economy is slowing down the commodities market is in turmoil oil prices ha­ve plummeted the US is sho­wing

  • Jan 19 2016, 2044

    There is no postponing anymore. Our banks ha­ve no choice but to bite the bullet of cleaning the dirt in their balance sheet this ye­ar

  • Jan 05 2016, 2026

    The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has just kicked off its own Chipko mo­vement to save Dehradun’s tea gardens. If you go back in history tea gardens were typically

  • Dec 31 2015, 1924

    At least a third of B-School students are considering entrepreneurship as a serious career option. In the past they would look for jobs in corporations or consulting companies

  • Dec 22 2015, 2235

    Subrata Roy of Sahara Group was sent to Tihar Jail on March 4, 2014, for failing to refund over Rs 20,­000 crore with interest to depositors. He was asked