Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The writer is managing director of Deloitte Consulting, India
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  • Nov 24 2015, 2249

    Often when you string together two pieces of seemingly unconnected information you get a flash of insight. According to Ericsson by 2019 every human be­ing

  • Nov 10 2015, 2110

    Very often one hears that a high rate of bank interest in India is the devil, which is holding up our economic growth. Despite several measures by the Reserve

  • Sep 15 2015, 2114

    For nearly a 100 years the consulting industry has remained more or less the same. Intelligent and experienced consultants are engaged to crack the most complex business problems

  • Sep 01 2015, 2221

    It is a widely held belief that our new generation of millennials are setting-up startup companies only to become rich. My experience with startups is quite different

  • Aug 18 2015, 2112

    You have no doubt heard of Attila, the Hun whose empire spread from the Urals to the Rhine and from the Danube to the Baltic. He was a feared