Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The author is founder and CEO of Sumantrana, a strategy advisory firm
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  • Jul 22 2016, 2119

    In the spring of 2007, I went to study the Advanced Management Program (AMP) at Harvard Business School (HBS) in Boston. There I met Danny Halutz

  • Jul 19 2016, 2205

    An industry is disrupted because often the players define the game wrongly. The horse-carriage businesses thought they were in the horse-drawn-carriage business

  • Jul 15 2016, 2021

    I had met Russi Mody at social occasions before but I did not know him well. In 1992 I was in my office in Price Waterhouse when

  • Jul 08 2016, 2135

    Every global consulting company today has digital studios swarming with creative people in outlandish dresses strange hairstyles and non-conformist thinking. In 2015 I visited the studio of

  • Jul 04 2016, 2202

    To leave or not to leave that is no longer the question. The British people have answered