Roopen Roy

Roopen Roy
The author is founder and CEO of Sumantrana, a strategy advisory firm
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  • Aug 26 2016, 2146

    Great Eastern Hotel an icon in Calcutta was called the jewel of the east. It opened for business in 1840

  • Aug 19 2016, 2140

    Around 1997 Peop-leSoft was the hottest human resources management system (HRMS) on the planet. SAP HR had not yet established itself in the global market

  • Aug 16 2016, 2201

    Economists often make mistakes in predicting outcomes. When they wear glasses tinted with politics, they blunder.

  • Aug 12 2016, 2107

    After an abortive attempt to sell its consulting business to HP in 2000, the PwC leadership was looking for an opportunity to divest consulting. PwC officially announced that it

  • Aug 05 2016, 2136

    The two firms, Price Waterhouse and Lovelock & Lewes, which merged to form PwC India were born nearly 140 years ago in Calcutta. Both had a timid and mild