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Rajiv Nagpal
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  • Dec 04 2016, 2138

    It was another week of ups and downs on the street. But the Nifty came out largely unscathed from them by limiting the weekly loss to 27

  • Dec 04 2016, 2133

    In a tilted trading week the first three sessions made traders with long positions on call options a happy lot. In stark contrast the last two sessions

  • Nov 28 2016, 0132

    Until Nov­em­ber 8 demonetisation was not part of the Dalal Street lingo. The younger generation of traders wouldn’t even have heard of the term

  • Nov 28 2016, 0057

    The first four trading sessions of last week were marked by strong unwinding pressure on the Nifty and some index heavyweights.
    Though the Nifty bounced back on Friday, a part

  • Nov 28 2016, 0054

    Usually in the week of derivative contracts expiry one of the four sessions tend to be extremely volatile. This happens mostly in the session in which quant