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Rajiv Nagpal
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New Delhi
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  • Feb 14 2016, 2002

    For the last three quarters, every earning season brings in a phase of an abrupt decline in the Nifty and the broader market. But the decline witnessed in the

  • Feb 14 2016, 2000

    Once again it was a week where traders with long position in put options enjoyed the Nifty’s one-way fall. Though we at this space had suggested that traders should

  • Feb 07 2016, 2011

    Equity markets undergo three types of volatility: there is volatility with a negative bias, then there is volatility with a bullish bias, and finally, there is simple plain volatility.

  • Feb 07 2016, 2008

    The February series started with an interesting trend witne­s­sed in the open interest positions of call options. None of the near-out-of-the-money strike price call options saw any decline

  • Jan 31 2016, 1858

    Risks are inherent to equity instruments. Right from the turns and twists of an economic cycle to geopolitical to natural disaster risks a long list of risks and