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Rajiv Nagpal
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  • Sep 25 2016, 2016

    A seeming bull-bear tussle for superiority has been going on in the market for almost a month now, as reflected in the high intra-day and intra-week volatility. The market’s

  • Sep 25 2016, 2006

    As the event risk got over option premium too came down a bit last week. As we approach the expiry of September series contracts volatility

  • Sep 18 2016, 2159

    Last week markets across the globe were swayed more by rumours and expectations than news. In India volatility was set off by rumours about possible moves to

  • Sep 18 2016, 2154

    Last week, too, gave both bulls and bears a feeling of being the winners, but the weekly index moves show none were. The Nifty closed the week with a

  • Sep 11 2016, 2306

    An advice that every investor gets at one stage or the other is “don’t try to time the market”. Apparently there is merit in this advice