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Rajiv Nagpal
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New Delhi
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  • May 01 2016, 2148

    Last week saw benchmark indices and sentiments moving from one extreme to the other. Though the weak started on a muted note on Tuesday the Nifty moved up

  • May 01 2016, 2142

    The sharp drop in stocks last Thursday took traders who sold out-of-the-money put options from the April series by surprise, as the market’s decline on the day of expiry was

  • Apr 24 2016, 2111

    Many factors influence the movement of a stock but nothing like the earnings of company. Indices and individual sto­cks take a decisive directional turn in an earnings season

  • Apr 24 2016, 2017

    Despite the earnings season starting the market remains firmly under bull control. No panic or desire to sell ahead of results was visible in the market

  • Apr 24 2016, 2014

    As we enter the expiry week of the April series derivative contracts some volatility can be expected in the market. Going by the last two trading sessions