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Rajiv Nagpal
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  • Nov 22 2015, 1954

    Technically the strength of a short-covering bounce indicates a prevailing downtrend is changing or not. Last week this column had mentioned that there would be volatility in

  • Nov 22 2015, 1951

    Intra-day and over-night volatility were high last week. Bank stocks and Bank Nifty hogged the limelight last week and that was a reason the Nifty saw some upward moves

  • Nov 15 2015, 2038

    The week before last broad market indices went under the control of bears. Last week even the sentiment was taken over by bears

  • Nov 15 2015, 2036

    Broadly the market went into bear hands last week with the Nifty declining in three out of four trading sessions. The bearish sentiment remained even on Friday

  • Nov 09 2015, 1100

    Ever since the market started moving up from early 2014, comparisons are being made between this phase of the bull run and India’s longest bull run that lasted from 2004