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Rajiv Nagpal
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  • Oct 17 2016, 1757

    After a gap of six months the market witnessed both bad market breadth and weakness in nearly all indices. Sectoral indices and broader market breadth came under pressure

  • Oct 17 2016, 1744

    There is no denying that the bears have now got an edge over the bulls in the market, even though Nifty arrested Thursday’s steep fall the very next day.

  • Oct 12 2016, 1944

    In the last six months, there had been very few instances where both broader market indices and market breadth underperformed benchmark indices. Even on days the Nifty had slipped

  • Oct 12 2016, 1940

    The Nifty was in a frame of consolidation last week but the mood of the market had a bearish slant. After a long stretch of time the

  • Oct 03 2016, 2037

    Every bull run has some common characteristics. One such is that a bull run throws most valuation parameters out of the window