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Rajiv Nagpal
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New Delhi
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  • Jul 24 2016, 2116

    The macroformations that had been appearing on broader market indices from March this year gained more strength last week. The trend of a narrow range-bound consolidation was visible

  • Jul 24 2016, 2113

    After long it was the turn of straddle sellers to make money. As the Nifty moved range-bound the decline in the time value of options provided returns

  • Jul 17 2016, 2054

    It is clear that bulls are in no mood to leave the ground they have regained after almost a year’s struggle. This was on display last week

  • Jul 17 2016, 2049

    With the Nifty continuing to move up option buyers went home happy for another week. The way open interest is getting built in out-of-the-money call options it

  • Jul 10 2016, 2231

    While every earnings season is important, the season staring this week is far more relevant to both long-term investors and short-term traders who take exposure to the equity market through