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Rajiv Nagpal
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  • Jan 15 2017, 2243

    The first hints of what the new US president would bring to the emerging markets came on Thursday. When the Indian market opened for trade on Thursday pharma

  • Jan 15 2017, 2241

    It was another week where fortune favoured traders with long positions in call options from the January series. The only thing traders need to do now is to protect

  • Jan 13 2017, 0022

    In all likelihood Dalal Street will react positively to the elevation of N Chandrasekaran. Reason: his appointment takes away one uncertainty which all listed Tata companies has been

  • Jan 09 2017, 0152

    The first half of a calendar year is critical for stock investors as it tends to have a bullish bias. Often that is a trap for trend-sniffers and quick-buck

  • Jan 09 2017, 0150

    After almost eight straight weeks luck finally favoured traders with long positions in call options. The Nifty’s rise on Thursday created some discomfort as traders could be