Rajiv Nagpal

Rajiv Nagpal
Market Expert
New Delhi
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  • Oct 27 2014, 0909

    It was a truncated week of trading as stock exchanges were open for only three trading sessions. Though trading did take place on Sunday it was just for an

  • Oct 27 2014, 0905

    The probability of volatility rising dramatically in one of the four trading sessions up to the expiry this Thursday of October series is very high. Tuesday and Wednesday are

  • Oct 20 2014, 0953

    The ghost of euro­ zone trouble visited global equity markets once again last week. A correction in the European market triggered by the forecast of weak economic growth of

  • Oct 20 2014, 0950

    Global stock market uncertainties dragged down Nifty last week. The new volatility may persist in coming trading sessions

  • Oct 17 2014, 2330

    The wealth of Indian investors across various asset classes, whether it is equity, real estate, gold or debt, would be decided in Samvat 2071 by the final outcome of two

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