Rajgopal Nidamboor

Rajgopal Nidamboor
The writer is a physician and a doctorate in philosophical literature
My Stories
  • Feb 24 2015, 2142

    Illness of the mind, or body, reveals how our systems work — and, why loss of balance often leads to a breakdown.

  • Feb 23 2015, 2315

    Science has especial intentions; therefore, specific comprehension and readership profile for books — of a protocol not merely confined to the world of facts, but also literary embellishment, unlike standard,

  • Feb 10 2015, 2159

    Most of us, despite our best efforts, feel out-of-sync sometimes.

  • Feb 03 2015, 2151

    That we are all as unique as our fingerprint, or signature, or genes, is a seminal, oft-repeated cliché.

  • Jan 27 2015, 2204

    It is something that ‘separates’ us from other living creatures.

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