Purnendu Ghosh

Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
  • Dec 22 2013, 2113

    People who have ‘receptive’ orientation believe in gathering information from outside resources and feel lost when alone.

  • Dec 16 2013, 2151

    Elections in four states are just over and we now have a new set of elected representatives. Now it is our duty to ensure that they deliver what

  • Dec 15 2013, 2036

    It is hard to find a completely selfless person. It is also hard to find a completely selfish person. We all are a mix of the two.

  • Dec 09 2013, 2140

    Bacteria can sense sound light pressure gravity and chemicals. Common bacteria E

  • Dec 08 2013, 2147

    It is not possible to live without hope. We all want to write our future dipped in the bright colours of happiness.

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