Purnendu Ghosh

Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
  • Mar 16 2014, 2115

    Trust influences practically every aspect of our life. One of them is togetherness. Out of togetherness grows trust.

  • Mar 09 2014, 2022

    In the early 19th century, Sadi Carnot conceived an engine that was 100 per cent efficient. Man conceived an omnipotent and omnipresent superman.

  • Mar 03 2014, 2237

    Developing economies need development but are resource-constrained. They need to reduce costs of product development and delivery

  • Mar 02 2014, 2018

    One often wonders what is more difficult, talking or listening.

  • Feb 24 2014, 2309

    One of the major responsibilities of engineers is to fulfill the expectations and needs of the common man. Common man thinks that engineers can eliminate hunger poverty and

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