Purnendu Ghosh

Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
My Stories
  • Jan 27 2014, 2219

    Some believe that biology plays a role in every conceivable human behaviour. They say genes decide the way we behave

  • Jan 26 2014, 2022

    Individualism is one way of looking at things. Collectivism is another way. Can individualism exist in the absence of collectivism or vice versa?

  • Jan 13 2014, 1700

    Prejudice has always been a subject of great interest for sociologists psychologists and historians. Biologists have also been trying to understand the causes of prejudice

  • Jan 12 2014, 2029

    Alittle imperfection can be pleasing. In this context it can be said about beauty is that it is asymmetry resting on symmetry.

  • Jan 06 2014, 2213

    Novelty is generated randomly or strategically? Is creative thought a process of honing or selecting? These are important questions to better understand creativity, discovery and the genesis of Genius.

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