Purnendu Ghosh

Purnendu Ghosh
The writer is a biotechnologist and ED, Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur
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  • Jul 14 2013, 2126

    Why do ‘smart’ people think that politics is not their cup of tea? Is it because smart people think politics is a waste of time?

  • Jul 08 2013, 1221

    Senses help us to find our ways in the environment we live. “Our greatest weakness however is our pitifully small sense of taste and smell”

  • Jul 07 2013, 2125

    We all like to look beautiful. “Nothing has such a striking impact on a man’s development as his appearance”, wrote Leo Tolstoy.

  • Jul 01 2013, 2131

    Understanding creativity of older people is important. I always think of Nirad Choudhury who wrote even when he was 100 years young

  • Jun 30 2013, 2036

    The number of lonely people in the world is rising. We generally tend to ignore loneliness. But loneliness can be a frighteningly painful experience.

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