M S Swaminathan

M S Swaminathan
M S Swaminathan is an agricultural scientist who led India’s green revolution
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  • Aug 26 2015, 2137

    The persistence of farmers’ suicides inspite of the several programmes and social support systems developed by state and Union governments has become a matter of national concern. Until recently

  • Jul 15 2015, 2216

    Hunger has three major dimensions. First is widespread undernutrition or calorie deprivation; second there is inadequate consumption of pulses and other protein rich foods leading to protein

  • Jun 26 2015, 1838

    M S Swaminathan

    The onset of the southwest monsoon marks the beginning of an era of ecstasy and agony. Over 50 per cent of our farmers depend upon rainfall for

  • May 20 2015, 2028

    The Nepal quakes have had a devastating effect on the lives and livelihoods of a large section of its population. Once the relief operations get over in a couple

  • Apr 22 2015, 1956

    According to the latest data released by the India meteorological department, the rainfall between March 1 and April 15 this year was almost double than normal. About 8